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Wednesday Morning Bible Study
9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
Who is Jesus. This study meets at the home of Joan Clause and is led by Elder Patti Varga. Please contact Patti, Joan or the church for directions or more information.
Small Group Bible Study - John
7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
This study will meet at Barbara's house, call the church for directions.


Small Group Bible Study
9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
Join us for a study of 1st Corinthians
Prayer Group
10:00 AM
Jr/Sr High Youth Group
6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
Students grade 6-12 are welcome to join us for food, fun, fellowship, Bible study & community service on Thursday nights from 6:30-8pm. Sign up for our weekly emails so you'll know what's planned each week!
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Kinderhook Reformed Church Worship Service
Route 9 & Church Street, Kinderhook, NY
10 a.m. December 2, 2012
“To Know Christ and to Make Him Known”
Rev. Rudy Visser, Pastor

You are invited to sign our Guest Book at the church entrance and to fill out a pew card and place it in the offering plate.  We would like to get to know you better, and we invite you to enjoy fellowship and refreshments with us at Coffee Hour downstairs in the Fellowship Room following today’s Worship service.

Ushers: Jeff Barmen, Derick Latorre, Steve Shpur, Bob Wildermuth
Greeter(s):  Will and Jayne Ferguson
Preschool Nursery facility is available downstairs.

Celebration of Worship
  Prelude              “Now come, Saviour of the world”  BWV 659         J. S. Bach
Boldly Approaching our God
  Welcome and Announcements Concerning the Family of God
*Hymn of Praise #20                                                Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee
*God’s Greeting and Passing the Peace

 We Gather Around the Advent Wreath  (Responsive)      
Reader:  The Advent wreath includes many symbols to help us think about Christ and his gifts. The wreath itself is in the shape of a circle. A circle has no beginning and no end. This reminds us that there is no beginning and no end to God and that God's love and caring are forever.
All:  The light from the candles, which grows stronger each Sunday in Advent, reminds us that Jesus is the light of the world.
Reader:  Today we light the candle of hope. The people of Israel hoped in God's promises and were not disappointed. Again and again God delivered Israel from its enemies. We too have the same experience of salvation. That is why we believe in God's promise to send Jesus to us once again to judge the world and establish his kingdom forever upon the earth.                    (The first pink candle is lit.)
All:  Hope is like a light shining in a dark place. As we look at the light of this candle, we celebrate the hope we have in Jesus Christ.
   Morning Prayer (Unison)
Thank you God for the hope you give us. We ask that as we wait for all Your promises to come true, and for Christ to come again, that You would remain present with us. Help us today, and every day, to worship You, to hear your word, and to do Your will by sharing Your hope with each other.  We ask it in the name of the One who was born in Bethlehem.  Amen.
Song of Reflection                 A Candle is Burning  (Tune:  Away in a Manger)
A candle is burning, a flame warm and bright,
a candle of hope in December's dark night.
While angels sing blessing from heaven's starry sky,
our hearts we prepare now for Jesus is nigh.
                                                                                           Sandra Dean, 1986
    Children’s Blessing  (Unison)
Lord draw our children face-to-face with You, that they might taste Your goodness and long for more of You. Bathe them in restful, confident hope as they place in Your trust their self-worth, friendships, school, and relationships with their parents and church. May they overflow with the peace there is in putting their hope in You.  Amen.

We Come before God’s Open Word   Prayer for Illumination 
   Scripture Lesson                                               Psalm 145:1-7 & 21 (p. 447)
   Message         “God’s Goodness Spans from One Generation to the Next”
   Prayer of Blessing

We Celebrate and Pay Tribute to God
   Dedication of History Panels
Responsive Litany of Celebration
Today we celebrate You
in the history of the Kinderhook Reformed Church, O Lord!
Many are thy wonderful works.
For more than 300 years Your Word has been proclaimed in this place.
Many, O Lord, are thy wonderful works.
For more than 300 years the sacraments
have been administered and celebrated in this place.
Many, O Lord, are thy wonderful works.
Countless children, parents, and grandparents
have been part of the Kinderhook Reformed Church.
They are more than can be numbered.
Countless prayers of supplication, thanksgiving, and praise
have been offered in this place.
They are more than can be numbered.
Countless witnesses have gone out from Kinderhook Reformed Church to spread the gospel in this community and throughout the world.
They are more than can be numbered.
All of our activities,
all of our sacraments,
and all of our doxologies
we offer up in praise to God.
With thanksgiving for the past,
with joy in the present,
and with hope for the future
we celebrate our history and You within.  Amen.

  Philip Sherman
     Improvisation on “Now come, Saviour of the world”  (in the French style)
  Doxology and Offertory Prayer
  Pastoral Prayer & The Lord’s Prayer
*Hymn  #135                                                   Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus
*Benediction and Blessing
*Response Hymn   
  Postlude              “Now come, Saviour of the world”  BWV 661      J. S. Bach


Please enjoy the benefit of the four display panels now installed on the side walls in the rear of the sanctuary. These beautiful works, featuring highlights of Kinderhook Reformed Church’s 300-year history, will be a rich source of information to KRC visitors as well as to our church family, and they will serve as an excellent enhancement to KRC’s ongoing free guided tour program.

Dave Alexander, RCA missionary to Taiwan whom we support through our missions giving, will be visiting with us and preaching NEXT SUNDAY, December 9.  A church family brunch will follow the morning service, during which Dave will offer a short presentation and a question-and-answer time.  Please plan to attend this missions update from Taiwan and enjoy the good food and fellowship as well.

Next Sunday is Communion Sunday, which has been designated for the presentation of gifts, over and above regular giving, to the Benevolent Fund.  Please support this important ministry which provides assistance to needy church family & community members.     


                       KRC’s active, confessing membership has elected
                the following officers to serve on the 2013-14 Consistory

                            ELDERS:                                     DEACONS:
                      Maureen Mooney                           Derick Latorre
                         Dawn Tuttle                                    Jane Deane
                      Bob Wildermuth

THE MISSIONS MINISTRY WOULD LIKE TO OFFER ITS HEARTFELT THANKS TO THE KRC FAMILY FOR THEIR SUPPORT OF THE VALATIE FOOD PANTRY’S THANKSGIVING BASKET PROGRAM. Thanksgiving baskets were delivered to over 100 needy families in our community, and KRC contributed substantially to this effort!  To all who participated, many thanks for your generosity.  Non-perishable foods that are always popular at the pantry are evaporated milk; coffee; sugar; boxed cereals; pancake mix; syrup; jelly; canned meats, fruits, and vegetables; spaghetti sauce; mac & cheese; dinner helpers; apple sauce; juice; cake & brownie mixes.  Donations may be placed in the collection containers available in the entryways of the church.



LET’S SHARE OUR BLESSINGS and bring some warmth and caring to many who might not otherwise have much “Holiday Cheer” in these difficult times.  Beginning November 25, KRC will be collecting gifts for homeless men, and Capital City Rescue Mission will distribute these gifts at the Mission’s community Christmas dinners.  In a gallon-size zip lock bag, place the following 5 items: (1) two new pairs men’s warm socks; (2) one hat; (3) one pair of LG or XLG mittens or gloves; (4) a personal care item or pair of items such as toothbrush/paste, deodorant, shaving gel/razor, nail clipper; and (5) a non-perishable snack or treat that will not crush or melt.  Wrap with festive paper (no bows), tape securely, mark LG or XLG on the outside of package, and return to the church collection boxes by December 16.
(Continued on next page.)


     Gift needs for Angel Tree’s children of prisoners are now on angel cut-outs on the Christmas tree in the church’s main entrance. On each angel you will find very specific age, size, and gift-request information given for a particular child.  Please take an angel to assist you as you gift-shop, note your selection and other necessary information on the sheet provided, and return your wrapped gift, with the angel attached, to KRC by Sunday, December 16. Angel Tree gifts will bring Christmas joy to those Christ blessed and of whom he said, “The kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”
     Volunteers are needed to help deliver the gifts to local families. Please contact Sara Hartman (828-6368 or 917-538-6576) or Sally Heimroth (784-3164).  For those who are planning on or considering delivering gifts, a brief meeting on Sunday, December 2, will be held in the adult Sunday school room immediately after Worship.


Decorating the church for the Christmas Season will be done beginning at 9 a.m. THIS COMING THURSDAY, DECEMBER 6, under the direction of Jim and Bonnie Dunham.  All are invited to offer their services to the ministry of beautifying our sanctuary in celebration of the birth of our Lord.


KRC will sponsor its annual Candlelight Night Open House 5:30 – 8:30 p.m. Friday, December 14, featuring tours of our beautiful sanctuary -  decorated with lighted garlands, candles, poinsettias, the lovely Chrismon tree, and the nearly-life-size Fontanini Nativity - together with Christmas music, cookie decorating, refreshments, and community fellowship in the Fellowship Room. Refreshment buffet will include hot dogs, cookies, cake, candy, hot drinks, and eggnog. Volunteers to assist, as well as donations of buffet items and Christmas paper products, will be much appreciated.  Please sign up on the sheets provided at the back table, and contact a member of the Missions/Evangelism Ministry  if you can help with this community outreach.


We are looking forward to a large and enthusiastic gathering for Kinderhook Reformed Church’s 3rd annual Celebration of Lessons and Carols, scheduled for 4 p.m. Sunday, December 16. The Celebration, which emphasizes the rich sung and spoken traditions of the season, derives from England in the late 19th century. It tells the story of the fall of humanity, the promise of the Messiah, and the birth of Jesus in nine short Bible readings from Genesis, the prophetic books, and the Gospels, interspersed with the singing of Christmas carols, hymns, and instrumental and choir music.  In its many modifications, the Celebration is presented throughout the world and in a diversity of denominations during the Christmas season.  Please mark your calendars, and plan to attend this deeply meaningful and beautiful Worship Service.
10 a.m. December 16
KRC’s Sunday School Christmas Program
will be presented during Sunday Worship.


(Please note:  Service begins at 7 p.m. instead of 8 p.m. as in previous years.)

As always, KRC’s Candlelight Worship is a highlight of the season of giving  and a special time to express our joy, praise, and gratitude for the Gift of Jesus, Light of the World, from God the Father.


Birgitta Sherman (2nd), Beth Ennis (8th), Merrill Johnson (15th), Marion Arnold (22nd), Nikki Barmen (22nd), Cricket Warren (26th)

Remember to Pray for
• those who do not know Christ, or are struggling in their faith or with other spiritual issues. 
• KRC’s Consistory members and administrative ministries.
• KRC programs & projects and those administering them: Sunday School; Youth Group; church restoration; tricentennial events.
• small group ministries, adult Bible studies, Community Prayer Group.
• our state and national leaders, that God will grant them the leadership skills, wisdom, and the personal protection needed to govern effectively and safely.
• our missionaries: Dave and Char Alexander (visiting KRC NEXT SUNDAY), Perry Jones and Capital City Rescue Mission, Alex and Fran Knauss, Maureen Menard, Dick and Carolyn Otterness, Brian and Bea Post, Seth and Melissa Rogati, Betty Ann Stedwell. 
• our children sponsored through Compassion or other agencies..
• our military men and women, especially Josh Heimroth, recently deployed to Afghanistan - that they may know God’s presence and protection.
• families and friends of our military troops and victims of warfare, terrorism,  misunderstanding, and  violence worldwide,  that they may be blessed with God’s peace and the reassuring knowledge that he is in control.
• those, especially children, suffering the abuses of violence; exploitation; neglect; and family hostility.
• victims of natural disaster, especially those who continue to suffer all manner of loss due to Hurricane Sandy.
• Wycliffe missionaries, Brian and Bea Post, as they work with doctors at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota who may be able to diagnose and treat the unknown causes of Bea’s life-threatening physical suffering.
• families and friends grieving the loss of loved ones, especially Jane Smith, her son, David, and other family members and friends grieving the recent death of Ken Smith;  those grieving the recent death of Arlene Wallace.
• those awaiting test results or surgery; recovering from surgery, injury, or illness; chronically ill; or in hospice care: Dave Mooney; Dolly Petith; Baby Ian Henry; Rosemary Gotz; Frank Aiello;  Julie; Susie Barger; Jim Baker’s mother; Raymond McKee; Fred Steeves; Laurie (Dunham) Maul;  Ken and Marion P; Pat Moore; Paul Rogati; Sara Schubert; Pete McCardle; Ruth Edge; Blanche Rogers; Jack, grandfather of Patti Varga; Dave Ennis’s father; Florence Rivera; Kathy Schneider’s father in Barnwell; Paul Varga.
• those battling or recovering from cancer: Rosanne and Connie, friends of the Warrens; Betsey Klein; Don Berlin; Suzanne W; Jenny Kline; John Bosquet-Morra; Helen Drumm; Tammy DeVito; Dick; Sal Alessi; Melissa M; Judy Iocco; Stephanie; Ron Jensen; Patricia’s mother; Donna Scalera; Tom Saulpaugh.
• those traveling. especially those travelling over this holiday season
• those facing challenges, conflicts, difficult decisions: the Royce Family; Pastor Glenn Metzler battling a blood disorder and facing a bone marrow transplant; the Schuberts as they attempt to sell John’s mother’s home in Troy; Libby Little facing a demanding schedule.
• God’s blessing on those recently engaged/married, expecting babies, new/first-time parents: Derick and Heather LaTorre, recently married; new parents, Ben and Kathryn Hart (Baby Daniel Robert, born October 29); first-time parents, Tom and Jaime (Welcome) Eastman (Baby Evan Anthony Eastman, born Saturday, May 19); Terry Nawrot (twins, Baby Joshua and Baby Brian, born June 29; Brad & Kelly Babic (Baby Taylor Marie); Jeannie and Scott (Baby Luther); the Principis (Baby Gianna Drew).
• those caring for the elderly, displaced, disabled, or ill.
• our residence-bound members:  Murray Leonardson, and Mike Rivera.
• our military men and women, especially Josh Heimroth, recently deployed to Afghanistan - that they may know God’s presence and protection.

Remember To Thank & Praise God for
• all who serve KRC Ministries by meeting regularly, setting goals, preparing recommendations, & working together to complete projects and responsibilities.
• the good news that Jane Deane’s daughter, Jenny, recovering from shingles, and granddaughter, Grace, recovering from pneumonia, are much improved.
• the very good news that Paul Rogati, Carly Skow's son-in-law, is now home after 3 weeks in rehab and able to walk on his own.  Praises also that bones that were broken have healed without surgery, and Paul is making progress toward full recovery. 
• Pastor Rudy Visser, a Spirit-filled preacher of the Word and leader of vision.
• His blessings, especially at this Christmas season, of family, friends, and all the provisions for our basic life needs and much more.
• the wonderful ways God shows his love to us, especially during difficult times.
• those men and women who have served or are now serving our country, & those who have sacrificed their well-being and lives for the peace & liberties we enjoy.

Regular reports are needed on the progress or condition of all individuals on our prayer and praise lists.  If you have updated information, especially regarding individuals whose names appear in bold print, please forward this information, as well as praise and prayer requests, to krc@fairpoint.net or call Paul at 859-4158.  If you are not already on our email prayer list, and would like to receive prayer and praise requests through email, please contact Paul to have your address added. If you do not have email, contact Jane Smith at 758-6442, and she will be happy to include you in the phone prayer chain.

THIS COMING SATURDAY, DECEMBER 8, 9 AM – NOON, a free clinic will be held to identify children who can benefit from the expert care provided at Shriners Hospitals for Children. If you know of any children, newborn to age 18 (please bring birth certificate), who might have orthopedic problems such as cleft lip and palate, scoliosis, spina bifida, dislocated hips, club foot,  or problems resulting from burns, bring them to this clinic at Hudson Valley Orthopedic Center, 23 Fish and Game Road (corner Route 66), Hudson.  No appointment necessary – walk-ins welcome.  ALL CARE PROVIDED AT SHRINERS HOSPITALS IS AT NO COST TO THE CHILD OR FAMILY. For more information about the clinic and the work that Shriners do, call 758-1778.

KRC’s share of support is $6,546 this year for services and resources to be provided for us by the Reformed Church in America at the local, regional, and national levels. EACH MEMBER’S SHARE OF THIS YEAR’S CLASSIS ASSESSMENT HAS BEEN SET AT $81.72, UP ONLY 87¢ FROM LAST YEAR!  All who are able to do so are encouraged to offer, over and above regular giving, their share of this support.  Contributions made for this purpose should be clearly designated, “Classis Assessment.” To date, $2,775 has been received to help defray this expense and MANY THANKS TO THOSE WHO HAVE CONTRIBUTED.

Email Address – krc@fairpoint.net
Website Address – kinderhookreformedchurch.com
Rev. Rudy is scheduled to be in his church office
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings.
If you wish to meet with Pastor during these times,
please call ahead for an appointment.
Evenings are set aside for meetings, pastoral visitations, and counseling.
For assistance on Mondays, please call 859-4158
Church Phone  758-6401                Church Fax   758-6402
Phone messages are picked up several times daily.
If you need immediate assistance anytime, please call 859-4158.

Today, December 2

   10:00 am  Worship with dedication of KRC history panels     
   11:15 am   Adult Sunday School meets, main floor conference room    
   Tues.,  December 4
     7 –  8:30 pm  KRC Youth Group meets
Thur., December 6 
     9:00 am  Small Group meets @ KRC -  Joyce Meyer study                
                         “Battlefield of the Mind”
                 Decoration of KRC sanctuary for the Christmas Season
   10:00 am  Community Prayer Group @ KRC
Sat.,    December 8
     9:00 am – Noon   Shriners Hospitals for Children free screening clinic,         
                        Hudson Orthopedic Center, Route 66, Hudson  
Sun.,   December 9
  10:00 am   Communion Worship Service and Sunday School,     
           Dave Alexander, RCA missionary to Taiwan, preaching -
             Church family brunch with Dave following Worship
      Please Note:  Adult  Sunday School will be in recess December 9.  
Fri.,   December 14
     5:30 - 8:30 pm  Annual Candlelight Night Open House at KRC
Sun., December 16
   10:00 am  Worship Service with Sunday School Christmas program
Please Note: Angel Tree & Capital City Rescue Mission gifts due Dec. 16.            
     4:00 pm  3rd Annual Lessons in Carols with organist David Smith,             
                                      instrumentalists, and choir
Mon., December 24
        7:00 pm Annual KRC Christmas Eve Candlelight Worship Service

Servers Next Sunday, December 9, 2012
Ushers:   Jeff Barmen, Derick Latorre, Steve Shpur, Bob Wildermuth
Greeter(s):  Bill and Suzy Nieman