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This Week's Events


REACH mission trip
6:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Small Group Bible Study
9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
Join us for a study of 1st Corinthians
Prayer Group
10:00 AM


REACH mission trip
6:00 AM to 11:00 AM


REACH mission trip
6:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Bible Search
February 24, 2013

Kinderhook Reformed Church
Route 9 & Church Street, Kinderhook, NY
Rev. Rudy Visser, Pastor
Worship Services for February 24, 2013
“To Know Christ and to Make Him Known”

Rev. Rudy Visser, Pastor

We would like to get to know you better, and invite you to sign our Guest Book in the entranceway and fill out a pew card and place it in the offering plate.


8:30 a.m.  Celebration of Worship

  Morning Prayer
*Morning Praise                                               Let the Whole Creation Cry
  Preparation for Communion Next Sunday
  Prayer for Illumination
  Scripture Lesson:                                              Genesis 15:1-7, 17-18 (p. 10)
  Message:                                 "The Faithful and the Futile”
  Prayer of Thanks
  Special Music                                  
  Offering and Prayer of Blessing
  Intercessory Prayer
*Song of Devotion                     I Will Sing Of My Redeemer


10 a.m. Celebration of Worship

All are invited to enjoy refreshments and fellowship
downstairs in the Fellowship Room following this Worship service.

Ushers: Sal Alessi, Derick Latorre, Steve Shpur, Ken Sutherland
Greeter(s):  Virginia and Chuck Rothermel
Preschool Nursery facility is available downstairs.


Boldly Approaching Our God
  Welcome and Announcements
*God's Greeting
  Call to Worship  (Responsive)
     Jesus, our Savior, gave his life so that we may have life.
  Thank you, Jesus, for life everlasting!
     God, our Father, has loved us and called us his own.
Thank you, Father, for calling us your children!
     Christ, our King, has come to redeem us.
Thank you, Jesus, for our salvation!
     Let us worship him in word and song.
We praise you and honor you, Savior, God, and King,
               for you alone are worthy of all our worship and praise!

*Hymn of Praise #40                                                 Let the Whole Creation Cry
   Litany in Preparation for Communion Next Sunday
Our self-examination must not end in despair . . .                                                                     
for we are called to trust God’s work on our behalf
      and to receive  the gift of forgiveness offered us in Christ Jesus.                                                                                                 
Our reconciliation to God is found in trusting this good news —                                                                                                                                                            
that before we chose God, God chose us.
       We are what God has made us, created in Christ Jesus
       for good works, prepared beforehand to be our way of life.                                                                                                                             
Partaking at the Lord’s Table is not an act of virtue or pride, for we boast but in the Lord.                                                                                                                                
We know the Table will be prepared for those
       who humbly trust Christ alone and find in his death, resurrection,           
       and ascension their only peace.                           
Though we often fail in our efforts,                                                                                  
we should approach the Table with a desire to please God
       and conform our lives to His purposes.
[Moment of Silence]
Rest fully assured that when God finds such contrite trust and godly intention, he will forgive all our sins and make us worthy partakers of this heavenly kingdom.
   Praise Songs          
   Children's Blessing  (Unison)
All-knowing and faithful God, lead our children along paths of righteousness into the places and purposes that you have planned for their lives. May they trust always in your promise and power to guide and direct them in serving you and in bringing blessing to others.  Amen.

We Come before God's Open Word
   Prayer for Illumination
   Scripture Lesson                         Genesis 15:1-7, 17-18 (p. 10)      
   Message                                  "The Faithful and the Futile”
   Prayer of Blessing

Celebrating God
   Presentation of Our Tithes and Offerings/Offertory 
*Doxology and Offertory Prayer
   Pastoral Prayer and The Lord's Prayer
*Closing Hymn #492              I Will Sing Of My Redeemer
  Hymn of Response                                   My Friends, May You Grow in Grace

We are updating our Church Directory.  Lifetouch Studios will be coming to KRC on March 22nd and March 23rd to take family portraits.  Each family who signs up will receive a complimentary 8 x 10 family portrait as well as a new directory.  You can sign up on-line or call the office and Liz can sign you up.  For more information, check out the back table.  If you have any questions, please contact the church office anytime.


THE OUTREACH MINISTRY’S “DROP-IN-BUCKET” PROGRAM IS SCHEDULED TO END TODAY.  Please don’t forget to drop your loose change – or whatever your heart suggests – into the bucket in the church entranceway.  Donations are greatly appreciated, and will be sent to the Albany Synod to aid in Hurricane Sandy relief for RCA churches on Staten Island and other parts of New York.  Please make checks payable to “Kinderhook Reformed Church” with “Hurricane Relief” in the memo.            
                                                                 Many thanks, the Outreach Ministry

The Coffee Hour following our 10 a.m. Sunday Worship Service has grown into a well-attended, enjoyable, and very valuable time of fellowship for the KRC family and visitors. At this time, only a few dedicated individuals are providing and serving the refreshments and beverages and seeing to the work of clean-up afterward.  VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED TO HELP OUT IN THIS MINISTRY, AND THE MARCH SIGN-UP SHEET IS AVAILABLE ON THE BACK TABLE IF YOU ARE WILLING TO HOST OR LEND A HAND WITH A COFFEE HOUR.


"THE OLDE DUTCH AND SUCH" CRAFTS GROUP HAS BEGUN MEETING AGAIN ON FRIDAYS AT 9:30 A.M. in the main floor classroom opposite the church office. We are creating new plans and new items for the 2013 KRC Bazaar, and we are very much in need of new members and new ideas.  Last year’s preparation workshops were full of fun, laughter, and good fellowship, and the bazaar was a huge success.  We warmly welcome you to join us in our efforts to make this year’s even better!


To aid us on our Lenten journey this year, a seven-week Bible study by Adam Hamilton, 24 Hours That Changed the World, will be part of our experience.   We will begin the study at 7 p.m. NEXT WEDNESDAY February 20, and will continue each Wednesday through March 20, Maundy Thursday March 28, and Wednesday April 3.  The following topics will be covered: 
• Wednesday            February 20    The Last Supper
• Wednesday            February 27    The Garden of Gethsemane
• Wednesday            March 6           Condemned by the Righteous
• Wednesday            March 13         Jesus, Barabbas and Pilate
• Wednesday            March 20         The Torture and Humiliation of the King
• Maundy Thursday   March 28         The Crucifixion (Communion served!)
• Wednesday            April 3               Christ the Victor

The KRC Family will once again join forces to cook the free supper planned for THIS COMING TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 26, at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, Valatie.  Anyone willing to lend a hand to this ministry (cooking, serving, clean-up) please sign up on the sheet provided on the back table.

     We had a good 6 months of home assignment in America, and now are back on the ground in Asia getting set up to return to our missionary work here.
The 6 months of home assignment were full.  Singly or together, we visited 35 churches, schools and church agencies sharing about life and mission in Taiwan and challenging people to be involved in mission where their own churches, schools or agencies live and work.
     We missed visiting 5 of our partner congregations in Canada, New York and New Jersey, but they'll be first next time. A lot of the travel was done on the train and intercity busses to hold down the costs of Reformed Church Global Mission. Dave met a lot of nice people on the rails.
     Home assignment is a time to re-connect with churches as well as being family time. We spent days on end with Char's parents and siblings in Michigan, made a flying visit to California to see some of Dave's kin, and had extensive time with our son, Grant, both while he stayed with us on vacation from college in Illinois and when we went there for quick visits.
     We were built up by the fellowship and love - a thing that makes us very grateful to be Reformed Church missionaries is the wonderful house that we stay in while on home assignment. It is one of four that the church maintains in Holland, MI, and has been our "home" there on 6 home assignments during the last 23 years. We love that house, and hope we left it in good shape for whoever sojourns there next.
     We ask that you pray with us in thanksgiving for our time away and for our return to Taiwan.

• Pastor Rudy Visser, a Spirit-filled preacher of the Word and leader of vision.
• all who serve KRC Ministries by meeting regularly, setting goals, preparing recommendations, and working together to complete projects and responsibilities.
• the happy news that Baby Savannah, Pastor Visser’s niece, is now home and doing well following her premature birth and two months of hospitalization
• the good news that Jean Skipper is doing quite well, praise God.  An active member of KRC for nearly 10 years before moving to NYC to be near her daughter, Jean says she misses Kinderhook - and her car!  For those of you who might wish to drop a friendly note, Jean's address is 2500 Johnson Avenue, Bronx, NY 10463.
• the good news that  Laurie Maul is home and continues to do well following her recent surgical procedure.  Your prayers are much appreciated by Jim, Bonnie, and Laurie and her family.
• the good report that Glenn Wallace is recovering at Sunnyview rehab following successful cardiac surgery.
• save travels for Dawn and Ted Tuttle and Maureen Mooney.
• the joy of blessing the students of our growing Sunday School each Sunday morning as they go to their classes.
• His blessings of family, friends, and all the provisions for our basic life needs and much more.
• the wonderful ways God shows his love to us, especially during difficult times.
• those men and women who have served or are now serving our country, & those who have sacrificed their well-being and lives for the peace & liberties we enjoy.

Regular reports are needed on the progress or condition of all individuals on our prayer and praise lists.  If you have updated information, especially regarding individuals whose names appear in bold print, please forward this information, as well as new praise and prayer requests, to krc@fairpoint.net or call Paul at 859-4158.  If you are not on our email prayer list, and would like to receive prayer and praise requests through email, contact Paul to have your address added. If you do not have email, contact Jane Smith, 758-6442, to be put on the phone prayer chain.

• those who do not know Christ, or are struggling in their faith or with other spiritual issues. 
• KRC’s 2013 Consistory members, especially those recently reinstalled or ordained and serving for the first time.
• KRC’s administrative ministries, their chairpersons, and supporting members.
• KRC programs & projects and those administering them: adult and children’s Sunday School; KRC’s youth; church restoration; small group ministries; adult Bible studies; Community Prayer Group.
• our state and national leaders, that God will grant them the leadership skills, wisdom, and the personal protection needed to govern effectively and safely.
• our missionaries: Dave and Char Alexander; Perry Jones and Capital City Rescue Mission, Alex and Fran Knauss, Maureen Menard, Dick and Carolyn Otterness, Brian and Bea Post, Seth and Melissa Rogati, Betty Ann Stedwell. 
• our children sponsored through Compassion or other agencies..
• our military men and women, that they may know God’s presence and protection.
• families and friends of our military troops and victims of warfare, terrorism,  misunderstanding, and  violence worldwide,  that they may be blessed with God’s peace and the reassuring knowledge that he is in control. 
• Pastor Dan Herrick and the congregation of Reformed Church in Philmont at the loss of their church building to a recent fire.
• those, especially children, suffering natural disaster; the abuses of violence; exploitation; neglect; family hostility.
• families and friends grieving the loss of loved ones, especially those of Dave and Beth Ennis grieving the recent death of Dave’s father, Earl Ennis; family and friends grieving  the recent death of Irene Smith, sister of Virginia Rothermel and sister-in-law of Jane Smith.
• Kristen Clause, daughter-in-law of Paul and Joan, whose Stuyvesant apartment was seriously damaged by a fire this past Thursday.  Kristen escaped the fire without injury, but her beloved cat did not survive
• Nancy Swinyard, recovering well and without complications from chin lacerations and a broken jaw suffered in a recent fall.
• Laurie (Dunham) Maul as she continues her good recovery following a recent brain aneurysm repair.
• Melinda as she awaits test results to determine if she has bladder cancer. Melinda also needs prayer for issues with her son, including the need for an appropriate advocate to help her with his mental health issues, schooling, and other concerns.
• Dolly Petith, recovering from a long bout with shingles.
• those awaiting test results or surgery; recovering from surgery, injury, or illness; chronically ill; or in hospice care: Jan; Frank Vosburgh; Faity Tuttle; Glenn Wallace; Kathy Varga; Tom Saulpaugh; Eleanor, mother of Patrice Lyons; Sara Schubert; Bert Beach; Bea Post; Ruth Edge; Blanche Rogers; Florence Rivera; Paul Varga. 
• those battling or recovering from cancer, especially Jill Shpur; Rosanne & Connie; Helen Drumm; Sal Alessi; Donna Scalera.
• those facing challenges, conflicts, difficult decisions: Olivia, that God will give her peace, strength, perseverance, safety, and His direction; Paul, that God will give him wisdom, determination, and peace in making and carrying out the difficult decisions that are challenging him; the Royce Family; the Schuberts attempting to sell John’s mother’s home in Troy; Libby Little.
• those travelling
• those caring for the elderly, displaced, disabled, or ill, especially Barbara Vosburgh and Diane Morgan
• our residence-bound members, Murray Leonardson, Mike Rivera, Gordie Van Buren

Jayne Ferguson(1st), Filip Carroll (9th), Ashlee Olsen (21st), Angie Hickman(24th), Jackson Carroll (24th),
and John Schubert

A special public screening of the film, Restless Heart - The Confessions of St. Augustine, sponsored by the Kinderhook Knights of Columbus, will be presented at 2 p.m. Saturday, March 23, at the Crandell Theatre in Chatham.  Filmed in Italy, this production depicts Augustine (354 - 430 A.D.) as he searches for the meaning of truth, wrestles with challenging philosophical arguments, and eventually embraces Christianity. It also highlights the influence exerted on him by his mother, Monica, and by Ambrose, Bishop of Milan.  Advance tickets may be purchased for $8 at Anderson Realty or from Aaron Pisacane, 518-965-4255. Tickets are $10 at the door.

“Do you know someone who lives alone, has a tendency to fall, or who is recovering from recent surgery? Such a person may benefit from the security of Lifeline! This two-way emergency response system obtains immediate help for people when they are unable to help themselves. Eddy Lifeline is offering FREE Lifeline installations during February, but please be aware that after free installation, the monthly fee for this service is $38.  You may help avoid a tragedy by calling The Eddy at 833-1040.


  Pastor Rev. Rudy Visser, President of Consistory

Jane Deane – ’14,  Christian Education   758-7051
Noreen Dick – ’13,  Church Family   758-6640
Derick Latorre – ’14,  Stewardship   610-8090
Patrice Lyons – ’13,  Outreach  758-8400

Dawn Tuttle – ’13,  Worship    758-6031
Maureen Mooney – ’14,  Outreach / Clerk   210-6079
Dawn Van Buren – ’13,  Cemetery / VP of Consistory    758-7564
Bob Wildermuth –’14,  Personnel / Pastoral Relations   828-0690

                John Schubert, Chairman, Classis Financial Committee

                                                   KRC STAFF
                      KRC Office Manager                     KRC Office Assistant     
                    Paul Clause – 859-4158                   Liz Carroll – 758-6034
    Cemetery Supervisor/KRC Sexton
    Greg Clause – 369-8472, 758-1338

Email Address – krc@fairpoint.net
Website Address – kinderhookreformedchurch.com
Rev. Rudy is scheduled to be in his church office
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings.
If you wish to meet with Pastor during these times,
please call ahead for an appointment.
Evenings are set aside for meetings, pastoral visitations, and counseling.
For assistance on Fridays, please call 859-4158
Church Phone  758-6401                Church Fax   758-6402
Phone messages are picked up several times daily.
If you need immediate assistance anytime, call 859-4158.

Today,  February 24

   8:30 am  and  10:00 am Worship Services
Please Note: Children’s Sunday School will be in recess today.
   11:15 am  Adult Sunday School Classes:
                1st John study group meets in the classroom opposite the office.
                Romans study group meets in the main floor conference room.
Tues., February 26 - KRC family cooks/serves free supper at St. Luke’s
       7:00 – 8:30  Middle School Youth, Grades 6 – 8, “PRAY 6” at KRC
Wed., February 27
       7:00 pm  Seven-week Lenten Bible study by Adam Hamilton
                      This week – “The Garden of Gethsemane”
Thur, February 28
  9:00 am  Small Group meets @ KRC - Chip Ingram study,                
          Living on the Edge – Dare to Experience True Spirituality    
10:00 am  Community Prayer Group @ KRC
Fri.,   March 1     
       9:30 am  Olde Dutch and Such crafts group meets opposite KRC office
Sun.,  March 3
  8:30 am  Early Worship Service
     10:00 am  Communion Worship Service – Sunday School resumes.
     11:15 am  Adult Sunday School Classes:
                1st John study group meets in the classroom opposite the office.
                Romans study group meets in the main floor conference room.
Mon., March  4
       6:45 pm  Missions Ministry meets
Mon., March 11
       6:30 pm  Consistory meets
Fri.,   March 22, 2 pm – 9 pm and Sat., March 23, 10 am - 5 pm
                                 KRC Directory photos taken
Sat.,   March 23
       2:00 pm  Film, Restless Heart – The Confessions of St. Augustine,
                                   Crandell Theater, Chatham
Thur, March 28
  9:00 am  Small Group meets @ KRC -  Chip Ingram study,                
          Living on the Edge – Dare to Experience True Spirituality
  6:00 pm  Maundy Thursday supper
  7:00 pm  Communion Worship and Lenten Bible Study


                     Servers Next Sunday, March 3, 2013
Ushers:  Sal Alessi, Derick Latorre, Steve Shpur, Ken Sutherland