June 2019   
This Week's Events


Small Group Bible Study
9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
Join us for a study of 1st Corinthians
Prayer Group
10:00 AM
Jr/Sr High Youth Group
6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
Students grade 6-12 are welcome to join us for food, fun, fellowship, Bible study & community service on Thursday nights from 6:30-8pm. Sign up for our weekly emails so you'll know what's planned each week!


Consistory retreat
8:00 AM to 12:00 PM
The KRC Consistory will gather together for a time of prayer, worship and learning.
Bible Search

Kinderhook Reformed Church Worship Service
Route 9 & Church Street, Kinderhook, NY
10:00 A.M. May 27, 2012
“To Know Christ and to Make Him Known”
Rev. Rudy Visser, Pastor

You are invited to sign our Guest Book at the church entrance and to fill out a pew card and place it in the offering plate.  We would like to get to know you better, and we invite you to enjoy fellowship and refreshments with us at Coffee Hour downstairs in the Fellowship Hall following Worship Service.
Ushers: Jim Baker, Bob Dreier, John Schubert, Loren Speer
Greeter(s): Sara Hartman
Flowers are given today by Dawn Van Buren in thanks for
the freedom we are given in this country to worship our Lord.
Preschool Nursery facility available downstairs.

Order of Worship
Boldly Approaching Our God

  CALL TO WORSHIP  (Responsive)
     Come, Spirit of Almighty God. Come here now to your people.
        May we feel your presence within, strengthening and renewing us
        as we sing your praises and worship you.
     Come, Holy Spirit of God.
        Renew us and renew your church. May your presence
        be a source of strength for our lives and for your church.
     Come, Spirit of Almighty God.
        Show us your will, renew our minds, transform our hearts, fill us with    
        resolve, and direct our energies to greater actions of ministry and service.
*HYMN #62                          Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise
  CALL TO CONFESSION – Adopted from Psalm 51:16-18
Our Lord does not delight in sacrifice and does not take pleasure in burnt offerings. He asks of me a broken spirit, a broken and contrite heart. It is to him we go, humbling ourselves to ask for his forgiveness and mercy.
O Holy Spirit, who moves subtly and mysteriously in our midst, catch us off guard and illumine the rough edges and the hidden corners of our prideful and anxious lives. Release us from the illusion that we can have life all neatly boxed and wrapped. Release us from faulty notions and early-learned preconceptions of who you are and how you work in this world. Free us to experience your holy Presence, wide-eyed and eager like a newborn child. Kindle in us new visions for faithful living, through Christ our Lord, in whom we find our rest and courage. Amen. 
   ASSURANCE OF PARDON   Based on Isaiah 44:21-23
The mercy of God has no beginning and no end but endures forever. Friends, receive the free gift of God's grace that is yours this day.
Hallelujah, Amen.
  PRAISE SONGS                                       Holy Spirit Be My Guide, Bind Us Together
Jesus, through the work of your Holy Spirit, make your presence, known to these children; live within them and be with them always; and through every difficulty of life, may they experience your comfort, and your peace.  Amen. 

We Come Before God’s Open Word

  SCRIPTURE LESSON                                                     Romans 8:22-27 (p. 800)
      MESSAGE                          "My Life – Running on the Holy Spirit"

Celebrating God

Gracious God, who has blessed us abundantly with many good gifts, after your example we lay these offerings before you. May they be used to promote the Good News of Christ; the whole truth of scripture; and spiritual nourishment, growth, and joy both within and far beyond our church family.  Amen. 
*HYMN ## 295            Breathe on Me, Breath of God
  BENEDICTION BLESSING & RESPONSE - My Friends, May You Grow in Grace
My friends, may you grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior.
My friends, may you grow in grace, and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.
To God be the glory, now and forever, now and forever, amen. (2x)

Christian Ed Ministry is looking for volunteers to teach and to help in our NATIONAL PARKS VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL program June 25th to 29th, 9 a.m. to noon each day. A volunteer sign-up sheet is available on the back table. For additional information about the positive rewards of serving in this ministry and the relatively small time commitment involved, please see Patti Varga.  Forms are also available to pre-register children for this year’s fun, informative, spiritually-nurturing program.  For those of you interested in helping out with VBS, but were unable to attend the informational meeting this past week,  please contact Patti Varga.

Elize Visser (4th), Joan Clause (5th), Sara Hartman (9th),
Brenda Longe (9th), Tom Call (23rd), Andrew Welcome (23rd),
Mike Rivera (25th), Liezl Visser (28th), Anina Visagie (29th),
Jerry Flansburg (30th).

All are welcome to come and to invite family and friends to a delicious pancake breakfast SATURDAY, JUNE 2, 8 – 11 am, in the Fellowship Hall.  Sausage, coffee, and juice will be served along with the pancakes.  No reservations needed – free-will donations accepted.  Each year a different charity is chosen to receive the proceeds, and this year, the Valatie Food Pantry is the recipient.  Information about the Pantry and its services to our community will be on display at the breakfast. Feel free to bring a non-perishable food item to help stock their shelves.
     Outside on that same day, weather permitting, the church will hold its annual Plant Swap and Sale from 8 a.m. - 12 noon. Please consider contributing extra divisions or cuttings from your garden to this popular event. We will set up on Friday, June 1st.  If you have something you need divided, but need help doing this, please contact Maureen Mooney, 210-6079. Maureen will also pick up plants if you cannot drop them off. Anyone who helps at the Pancake Breakfast gets to take advantage of the plant pre-sale Friday evening from 4 - 8 p.m. while we are setting up.

KRC’s small groups, offered on Thursdays at 9 a.m. (church) and 7 p.m., (parsonage) will continue their studies this coming Thursday led by Pastor Rudy.  All are invited to join one of these groups, and walk-ins are always welcome! 

PLEASE JOIN THE CRAFTS GROUP, "THE OLDE DUTCH AND SUCH" (formerly known as "Essenes") - Dawn Tuttle, Jane Deane, and Joy Bertram - FRIDAYS AT 9:30 AM IN THE FELLOWSHIP HALL. We are creating items for the KRC fair/bazaar which will take place November 3.  The Essenes were an ancient Hebrew group known for their devotion to God, and we honor them with our crafting.  Please save wine corks and plastic grocery bags for use in this project.  A box is available in the room across from the church office for collecting these materials. 

MANY THANKS AND BLESSINGS TO THE KRC FAMILY FOR THEIR GENEROSITY IN SUPPORT OF THE VALATIE FOOD PANTRY.  The Pantry served 80 families in March, including 128 adults and 92 children. There were also 92 Easter Baskets delivered for the holiday. The Pantry is heavily over-stocked on spaghetti at this time, but other non-perishable foods that are always popular are evaporated milk; coffee; sugar; boxed cereals; pancake mix; syrup; jelly; canned meats, fruits, and vegetables; spaghetti sauce; mac & cheese; dinner helpers; apple sauce; juice; cake & brownie mixes. Donations may be placed in the collection containers available in the church entryways.

The cookbook committee has selected, cooked, and photographed recipes submitted by members of the congregation.  The book has now gone to press, and we need your help!  Donations to this project are greatly appreciated, and checks may be made out to Kinderhook Reformed Church with “cookbook” in the memo.

Remember to Pray for

• those who do not know Christ, or are struggling in their faith or with other spiritual issues. 
• KRC’s Consistory members and administrative ministries.
• KRC programs & projects and those administering them: Vacation Bible School beginning June 25; church restoration; tricentennial events.
• leaders & those attending KRC’s Sunday School, Youth Group, new small group ministries, adult Bible study, Community Prayer Group, & New Members’ Class.
• our state and national leaders, that God will grant them the leadership skills, wisdom, and the personal protection needed to govern effectively and safely.
• our missionaries: Dave and Char Alexander, Perry Jones and Capital City Rescue Mission, Alex and Fran Knauss, Maureen Menard, Dick and Carolyn Otterness, Brian and Bea Post, Seth and Melissa Rogati, Betty Ann Stedwell. 
• our children sponsored through Compassion or other agencies..
• those, especially children, victimized by natural disasters; abuses of war and violence; exploitation; neglect; and family hostility.
• families and friends grieving the loss of loved ones, especially Arlene Smith and family grieving the recent loss of her husband, Minor Smith, brother of Ken Smith.
• Dave Ennis’s father, recovering from a possible stroke.
• Ruth Edge, still hospitalized and awaiting results of medical tests.
• Helen Drumm, undergoing chemo treatments for ovarian cancer.
• Gordie Van Buren and Bev Van Alstyne, both recovering from recent falls.
• Tammy DeVito, diagnosed with adrenal tumors.
• others battling cancer: Emese; Joann Marvin; Rick; Matt; Dick; Sal Alessi, recently diagnosed and beginning chemo; Melissa M; Judy Iocco; Stephanie; Ron Jensen; Patricia’s mother; Donna Scalera; Tom Saulpaugh.  
• Romona DenBesten, recovering from surgery this past week.
• those awaiting test results or surgery; recovering from surgery, injury, or illness; chronically ill; or in hospice care: Amy; David Johnson; Raymond McGee; Kate, sister of Maureen Mooney; Dick Richardson; Jim Baker's mother; Hope Lane; Joan Clause; Florence Rivera; Kathy Schneider’s father in Barnwell; Paul Varga.
• a favorable outcome in John’s arbitration case.
• those who are traveling.
• those facing challenges, conflicts, difficult decisions: Kara (Ennis) Mobley; the Schuberts, as they attempt to sell John’s mother’s home in Troy; Clayton, as he selects a college; Louise; Libby Little, facing a demanding schedule; those struggling with unnamed issues; caregivers of children with health/developmental issues; those with employment or other economic troubles; those suffering discouragement, depression, despair, or other mental health issues; those struggling with dependencies/substance abuse, especially George in South Africa; those dealing with family relationships; young people challenged by the demands of schooling, looking for jobs, dealing with many temptations confronting young adults.
• God’s blessing on those recently engaged/married, expecting babies, new/first-time parents: Terry (Gaylord) Nawrot, expecting twins in July; Brad & Kelly Babic (Baby Taylor Marie), the Principis (Baby Gianna Drew).
• those caring for the elderly, displaced, disabled, or ill, especially Diane Morgan.
• our residence-bound members:  Ken Smith; Murray Leonardson, and Mike Rivera.
• our military men and women, especially Courtney Hemmert and Will Ryan, - that they may know God’s presence and protection.
• families and friends of our military troops, and victims of warfare & violence.
• worldwide,  that they may be blessed with God’s peace and reassurance.

Regular reports are needed on the progress or condition of all individuals on our prayer and praise lists.  If you have updated information, especially regarding individuals whose names appear in bold print, please call the church office.

If you have prayer requests that you would like to have placed on the email and phone prayer chains, please forward them to krc@fairpoint.net or call Paul at 859-4158.  If you are not already on our email prayer list, and would like to receive prayer and praise requests through email, please contact Paul to have your address added. If you do not have email, contact Jane Smith at 758-6442, and she will be happy to include you in the phone prayer chain.

Remember To Thank & Praise God for
• all who serve KRC Ministries by meeting regularly, setting goals, preparing recommendations, & working together to complete projects and responsibilities.
• Matt Plescia's safe return home from Afghanistan.
• the news that Perry Jones’ wife, Sue Jones, who suffered a severe broken ankle several months ago, has been back to work for some time and is able to walk without assistance of any kind.
• a good recovery for Rev. Ron Stockhoff following shoulder replacement surgery.
• the wonderful news that Kara Ennis Mobley’s recent scans returned negative, and for the very encouraging report from her oncologist.
• the good report that Fred Oles is back to normal routines following successful stent placements.
• Pastor Rudy Visser, a Spirit-filled preacher of the Word and leader of vision.
• the blessing of family and friends.
• the wonderful ways God shows his love to us, especially during difficult times.
• those men and women who have served or are now serving our country, & those who have sacrificed their well-being and lives for the peace & liberties we enjoy. 

114 people participated in THE RECENT CROPWALK.  Nearly $13,000 was raised, and more money is expected to come in!!  Of that total, $690.00 was earned by KRC walkers. Remember, 25% - over $3000.00 - stays locally in support of our food pantries.  THANK YOU to Erica Johnson, Kari Ann Powell, Dawn VanBuren, Melissa and Andrew Welcome, and ALL who contributed to this good cause.

                                      CLOTHING BARN
The North Chatham United Methodist Church’s Clothing Barn, offering good, used clothing at reasonable prices, opened yesterday for the season, and will be open from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. EVERY Saturday through September. The Barn will close with the Lord’s Acre Auction in the fall.  Donations of good used clothing are welcome on Saturdays, or call 721-8318.

Email Address – krc@fairpoint.net
Website Address – kinderhookreformedchurch.com
Rev. Rudy is scheduled to be in his church office
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings.
If you wish to meet with Pastor during these times,
please call ahead for an appointment.
Evenings are set aside for meetings, pastoral visitations,
and counseling.
For assistance on Mondays, please call 859-4158
Church Phone  758-6401                Church Fax   758-6402
Phone messages are picked up several times daily.
If you need immediate assistance anytime, please call 859-4158.


June 10, Youth Sunday - A celebration of KRC’s Sunday School students and staff as Sunday School recesses for the summer
June 25-29, 9-12 Noon daily “National Parks Vacation Bible School” for ages 3 through Grade 8
July 20, 7 pm  An evening of acoustic worship with Derek Levendusky -
Derek is the lead singer of the band, “Isaiah 6”
Fall Concert (details TBA)
November 3, Church Bazaar
December 16, 3rd annual Lessons & Carols with organist David Smith & choir

Today., May 27
     10:00 am  Worship and Sunday School
     11:15 am  Adult Sunday School meets, main floor conference room    
                Stonecroft study group meets, main floor classroom
Thurs., May 31
       9:00 am  Church, 7 pm  Parsonage   Small Group Studies with Pastor
     10:00 am  Community Prayer Group @ KRC
Sat., June 2 
       8:00 – 11:00 am  Annual Pancake Breakfast to benefit the Food Pantry
                          8:00 – 12  Noon  Annual Plant Swap and Sale
Saturdays through September –  Clothing Barn
       9:30 am – 12:30 pm  North Chatham United Methodist Church
Sun., June 3
10:00 am  Communion Worship and Sunday School
     11:15 am  Adult Sunday School meets, main floor conference room    
                Stonecroft study group meets, main floor classroom
Sun., June 10  Youth Sunday, Sunday School in recess for the summer
     10:00 am  Worship
     11:15 am  Adult Sunday School meets, main floor conference room
Mon. – Fri., June 26 – June 29 Vacation Bible School in session 9 am to     
         Noon daily, with programs for children age 3 through Grade 8.   

Servers Next Sunday, June 3, 2012
Ushers:   Ted Call, Jerry Flansburg, Arnie March, Glenn Warren
Greeter(s):  Bob Drier