June 2019   
This Week's Events


Small Group Bible Study
9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
Join us for a study of 1st Corinthians
Prayer Group
10:00 AM
Jr/Sr High Youth Group
6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
Students grade 6-12 are welcome to join us for food, fun, fellowship, Bible study & community service on Thursday nights from 6:30-8pm. Sign up for our weekly emails so you'll know what's planned each week!


Consistory retreat
8:00 AM to 12:00 PM
The KRC Consistory will gather together for a time of prayer, worship and learning.
Bible Search


 “To Know Christ and to Make Him Known”

Rev. Rudy Visser, Pastor

A warm welcome to visitors.  We invite you to sign our Guest Book

 in the entranceway  and fill out a pew card and place it in the offering plate.




  The Lord’s Greeting and Morning Prayer

*Morning Praise

  Scripture                                                                                        Hosea 11:1-4 & 8-9 (p. 642)

  Message                                                               “God Is the Opposite of Abandonment.”


  Prayer of Thanks

  Offering and Prayer of Blessing

  Intercessory Prayer

*Closing Hymn and Benediction



  All are invited to refreshments and fellowship downstairs today following worship.


Ushers today are Dave Ennis, Will Ferguson, Chuck Rothermel, & Jonathan Pratt.


Greeters today are Mike Deegan and Donna Rhodes. KRC family and friends are encouraged to volunteer as front-door greeters for our worship services. A signup sheet for this purpose is available  on the back table.


Preschool Nursery facilities available downstairs.

Guest Organist, David Smith


  Prelude                   God that madest earth and heaven               H. Alexander Matthews


  Welcome, and God’s Greeting

Drawing Near To God

  Call to Worship  (Responsive)  Based on Psalm 124:8

“Our help is in the name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth.”

       What did God do to help us?

God chose the people of Israel to make a new beginning.

       They received God’s covenant 

and prepared the way for Jesus to come as our Savior.

       In spirit, prayer, and song, let us worship the God of the covenant.

Let us worship the God of infinite love and devotion to his people.

       Let us together exalt the God of heaven and earth.

*Hymn #26                                                                       Praise My Soul, the King of Heaven

Allowing God to Shape Us

  Call to Confession  Based on Psalm 53; Deuteronomy 31:6

Our God of abundant love, grace, and mercy, who has promised never to leave or forsake us, looks down from heaven to see if there are any who understand that they are sinful, to see if there are any who seek his face and forgiveness.  Let us not turn away, but turn toward him, call upon his name, and confess our sins.

  Prayer of Confession  (Responsive) Based on Psalm 51

Holy God, you have never deserted us, but we confess that we have deserted you and sinned against you. We ask that you take the rebellious ruins of our lives, renew us, and restore to us the joy of your salvation. Teach us again your word and your ways, and we will turn back to you and pursue your righteousness with humble hearts. Grant us willing spirits to sustain us, and make us worthy servants in your kingdom.

 [Silent Prayer of Confession]

Save us, and we will obey your commands.

Open our lips, and we will sing of your righteousness.  Amen.Assurance of Pardon (Responsive)  Based on Psalm 86

You are compassionate, gracious, and faithful, O God; forgiving and good; abounding in love to all who call upon you. 

We praise you, O Lord, with all our heart, for you have delivered us from sin and brought us back into a right and everlasting relationship with you. Amen.  

Coming before God’s Open Word

  Children’s Message and Prayer of Blessing  (Unison)  dependable

Draw our children face-to-face with you, O Lord.  May they know and celebrate the glory of your steadfast presence, goodness, and love in their lives; may they experience your power to renew and strengthen them in times of need; and may they long for more of you each day.  Amen.

  Prayer for Illumination

  Scripture                                                                                        Hosea 11:1-4 & 8-9 (p. 642)

  Message                                                               “God Is the Opposite of Abandonment.”

  Prayer of Blessing

Celebrating God

  Baptism  Madeline Lee Welcome, born May 12 to Andrew and Melissa Welcome

  Communion (Insert)

  Offering and Offertory              Offertory in A flat major, op. 50/3              Arthur Foote

*Doxology (#809) and Offertory Prayer (Unison)

Almighty and most trustworthy God, we praise and thank you for all your mercies: your goodness has created us; your bounty has sustained us; your protection has surrounded us; your patience has borne with us; and your love has redeemed us. We give ourselves up to your service, cheerfully submitting these gift and all things to your blessed will.  Amen.    

  Prayer Requests and Pastoral Prayer

*Prayer Hymn #60                                                                             Great Is Thy Faithfulness

*Benediction and Blessing, and Response Hymn       My Friends May You Grow in Grace

  My friends, may you grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior.

My friends, may you grow in grace, and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

To God be the glory, now and forever, now and forever, amen. (2x)

  Postlude                Rise, my soul, and stretch thy wings             H. Alexander Matthews



The Adult Sunday School Class will begin the study of 1 & 2 Peter and Jude next Sunday, October 11.  "All three letters aim at preparing Christians for hardship. But these are not bleak letters.  Indeed they are full of hope and practical counsel on how to endure.  They tell us to balance holy living with correct doctrine, to nurture spiritual growth, to work within existing authority structures, and to take care of each other. These letters, sent with prophetic love to first-century Christians, still live today.” Please consider joining us in the main floor conference room each Sunday following 10 am Worship.


A warm welcome to Mike Deegan

as he takes up his responsibilities as KRC’s new sexton!



Bobby Bailey (4th), Bonnie Dunham (6th),

Susan Patterson (14th), Jean Wildermuth (15th), Aiden Visagie (18th),

Will Patterson (21st), Amy Clinton (22nd), Rudy Visser (27th), Austin Bailey (28th), Barbara Vosburgh (28th),

Derick Latorre (29th)



To My Kinderhook Reformed Church Family:

       Words cannot appropriately convey the appreciation and gratitude that I feel as a result of your outpouring of love and support on the death of my mother, Harriet Simpkins.  From the hugs, to the cards, to the phone calls, flowers, reception, prayers, and kind words, I just cannot express the humility I continue to feel in the face of such support. My heart overflows with gladness that my Mom was so well loved . . . and what a wondrous feeling that is!

       I know that my mother is with her Lord.  Of that there is no doubt; and I'm sure that time and friendship will lessen our grief and provide the peace that passes understanding.

       From the bottom of my heart, and on behalf of my entire family, thank you.

                                                                                                                 Deborah Spaulding



Dear KRC Family and Friends,

      The Outreach Ministry will hold a Fall Plant Swap/Sale and Bulb Sale this coming Saturday, October 10, from 8 am - 12 noon.  Please consider contributing extra divisions or cuttings from your garden to this popular event. We will set up on Friday, October 9. If you have something you need divided but need help or have questions, please contact Maureen Mooney.  We will also pick up plants if you cannot drop them off. Anyone from KRC who helps with set-up gets to take advantage of a pre-sale/swap Friday!




Last week's offering:  $3,044

(Praises to God for enabling us to meet our $3,000 weekly need!!)

Income received to date:  $137,000

Expenses to date: $131,00





Inspired by the abundance with which the Lord has blessed us,

 let us continue, as his faithful stewards, to be ever mindful of the need

 to maintain a weekly offering of at least $3,000

 in order to meet expenses and avoid further deficits.




    Just a friendly reminder that Kinderhook Reformed Church now has the ability to accept your regular contributions and designated gifts electronically on our website,


     On the homepage, click the link “Donate” under “Contact Us” at the upper right side of the page, and follow the prompts.  Electronic checks and all major credit cards are accepted, and you will find options for

  • making one-time contributions
  • setting up recurring payments for your regular contributions
  • designating contributions and gifts for special purposes or to specific funds such as 4th Century, Missions, Deacons Fund, Classis Assessment

     The online process is an easy one, and many of you may find it a convenient way to manage contribution goals and commitments you have set for yourself or your family. For each electronic transaction, the church is charged a small processing fee which decreases as the number of transactions increases.  If you need assistance or more information, please contact Derick LaTorre.



to attend its 66th Annual Banquet & Silent Auction, either Tuesday or Wednesday, October 20 or 21.  CCRM IS EXCITED TO CELEBRATE THIS EVENT IN A NEW LOCATION, THE ITALIAN AMERICAN COMMUNITY CENTER, 257 Washington Avenue, Albany, NY.  Silent Auction begins at 5:30 p.m. and dinner at 6:30 p.m. each evening.  KRC has traditionally been well-represented at this inspiring event, where you will hear how your volunteer efforts, prayers, and generous support make a difference in the lives of people who are hungry, street-weary, and hopeless. 

       “It’s hard to believe we’re thinking about the Fall Benefit Banquet again! The needs of struggling women and children are growing, so this year we will be raising funds so the Mission can begin renovating to accommodate more women and children in a larger space. Our first goal is to replace 125 large, broken factory windows. It takes $1,000 to remove, purchase, and install each custom, energy- efficient window. So we need your help, and we hope you can join us this year as we offer shelter and hope to women!”

       Choose the evening you would like to attend, and see or call Paul Clause, 859-4158. Your reservation and ticket payment will be made for you, and you can reimburse KRC $24 per ticket reserved by dropping your designated check made out to KRC into the offering plate at anytime. RESERVATIONS SHOULD BE MADE NO LATER THAN NEXT SUNDAY, OCTOBER 11, and TICKETS WILL BE DELIVERED TO YOU BY THE FOLLOWING SUNDAY, OCTOBER 18.  CCRM banquet organizers will arrange for those attending from KRC to be seated together at 1 or 2 tables, depending on the number of reservations we make.  Reservations may also be made at capitalcityrescuemission.com or by calling Susan Jones, 462-0421.  Let Sue know if you wish to sit with the KRC group.



Dave and Char Alexander, RCA missionaries, Taiwan;

Alight Pregnancy Center, Hudson

Perry Jones and Capital City Rescue Mission, Albany

Compassion International, KRC-Sponsored Children:

Evelin Chuquinia, 15, Bolivia              Giulbert Muguna, 18, Kenya

Alex and Fran Knauss, Trans-World Radio

Maureen Menard, Youth with a Mission

Dick and Carolyn Otterness, RCA missionaries, Hungary

Brian and Bea Post, Wycliffe Bible Translators

Seth and Melissa Rogati, missionaries, Young Life Ministry, St. Thomas

Betty Ann Stedwell, Christar International Mission



  • Pastor Rudy Visser, our Spirit-filled minister and leader of vision.
  • those men and women who have served or are now serving our country, and those who have sacrificed their well-being and lives for the peace & liberties we enjoy.
  • all His provisions for our basic life needs, and the wonderful ways God shows His love to us, especially during difficult times.
  • the good news that the rain held off, allowing for a very successful chicken Bar-B-Que this past Wednesday to benefit the KRC Cemetery Association;  Praise God also for the 20 or so volunteers who did an outstanding job of serving up the meals, and for the good fellowship they had in carrying out this ministry.
  • the many dedicated and hard-working friends and members of the Kinderhook Reformed Church Family who serve on Consistory, church ministries, and committees; teach Sunday School; lead Youth Group, Bible studies, and prayer group; organize and carry out special church events; prepare food, serve, and clean up for coffee hours, receptions, and dinners; and who are always ready to offer whatever help and support they can to those in need.



  • those who do not know Christ or who are struggling in their faith. Pray especially for Amber, that she will come to know Jesus as her Lord and Savior. Pray also that God will provide opportunities for us to witness for Jesus, and give us the courage and winsome words needed to make the most of these opportunities
  • KRC programs & projects and those planning & administering them: KRC’s youth group; small group ministries; adult Bible studies; Community Prayer Group; First Friday, and other outreach programs. 
  • KRC’s Consistory members and administrative ministries.
  • our state, national, and world leaders, that God will grant them the leadership skills, wisdom, and the personal protection needed to govern effectively and safely.
  • our military men & women, their families, and friends, that they may know God’s presence, protection, and peace, especially Jason, beginning his military career with some anxiety, that he will be blessed with God's protection, strength, and reassurance; Tom Eastman, fulfilling a tour of military duty in Afghanistan.
  • those throughout the world suffering from natural and other hardships and tragedies: earthquakes, famine, and other climate-related disasters; economic instability; poverty, hunger, and poor health; political oppression and unrest; warfare and terrorism. Pray especially for the thousands of refugees flooding into European countries from the war-torn Middle East, and for wisdom and compassionate spirits for the leaders and institutions of these countries as they attempt to cope with the overwhelming magnitude of this situation.
  • those grieving the death of loved ones, especially those grieving the victims who died in the gun violence at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon; Deborah Spaulding, family, and friends grieving the sudden death of Deborah’s mother, Harriet Simpkins, in a recent auto accident, and those grieving the loss of young Ahmir Spaan, who died as a result of the same accident.
  • those who, even after many years, still hurt from the void left by loved ones who have passed on from this world. 
  • TWR missionary, Alex Knauss, that he will be well enough to visit KRC October 11 and share his missions ministry with our church family. Alex has not responded as expected to treatment for an inner ear problem and the resulting extreme vertigo and fatigue, and is scheduled for additional tests. Pray also for his wife, Fran, who is assisting in Alex's recovery.
  • Stacey Baker, who has had a major setback in her recovery from a concussion which is threatening to keep her from completing her college degrees according to plan. Pray for a speedy and complete recovery for Stacey, and pray also for wisdom for her parents, Jim and Nancy, as they consider how best to assist Stacey at this time.
  • Ann, sister of Nancy Baker, who is dealing with cardiac issues.
  • Rev. Ed Van Kampen, now recovering at home following recent cardiac surgery.  Cards and notes of encouragement may be sent to Ed at 33 Apple Tree Ct., Valatie, NY 12184.
  • strength for Nancy Baker's brother, Bill Metzger, so that he will be able to  complete his current chemotherapy regimen.
  • comfort and reassurance for Donna Scalera as she awaits the results of her current chemotherapy treatments.
  • others in hospice care or battling or recovering from cancer: TJ Vooris; Zoe Covey; Chris Howard and his ten-year-old son, Jonah; Elizabeth Clinton; Susan Lamont's sister; a friend of Erika Johnson; Cheryl Johnson; Diane, friend of Cricket Warren; Jack; Bob Mellott; Marlene; Daniel; Andy; Lucy; Rodrigo; Jean.
  • Noreen, mother of Maureen Mooney, who is suffering from Lyme Disease and is very discouraged. Noreen started IV therapy this past week, and prayers  are needed for complete healing.
  • Evangelique, Compassion child living in Burkina Faso, West Africa, and sponsored by John and Isabelle Bosquet-Morra.  The government of Burkina Faso, instead of being able to hold planned elections, has been taken over by military coup.
  • those awaiting test results or surgery; recovering from surgery, injury, or illness; or chronically ill: Cindy; Ted Tuttle; Harriet Stockhoff; Cidney Rippel; Paul Zietsman’s father; Blanche Rogers; Tristen Collins; Linda, awaiting open heart surgery October 13; Chris Treadway; Suzanne; Ruth Edge; Merrill Johnson; Jean Skipper; Florence Rivera; Steve Shpur; John Bowen; Floyd Haber; Art Gross; Alan Dick; Paul Varga; Jane Smith; Liz Carroll; Laurie Maul.
  • those facing challenges, stressful circumstances, and difficult decisions: the alarming wave of new, young  addicts seen on the streets of Albany and at the Capital City Rescue Mission; the people of Madagascar, suffering from a very low standard of living; Russ and his family, experiencing a personal family crisis; those facing the challenges of beginning a higher level of education or seeking a career -  pray that God will provide them with wisdom in making the many choices and decisions before  them; Stuart, that God will give guidance in providing home care; Greg L; 16-year-old teenager, 3-months pregnant, whose unborn baby has an irregular heartbeat and may not survive; Dana, mother and caretaker of her 2-year-old daughter; Kevin and family, in crisis; Caleb; Vince Beaudoin; Libby Little.
  • those who are traveling.
  • reassurance, peace, and dignity for our loved ones who are nearing the close of this life; those caring for the elderly, displaced, disabled, or ill.
  • Residence-bound members Murray Leonardson, Doris Schmieder, Joan Van Alstyne.



Clarion Concerts Presents

Newell Jenkins Memorial Baroque Concert


Music of Telemann, J. S. Bach, Quantz, Boismorʟer, Janitsch, Vivaldi


For ticket information and additional concerts offered in this series,

please pick up a flyer from the back table.

       The Leaf Peeper Concert Series, beginning its 34th season under the direction of acclaimed flutist Eugenia Zukerman, is presented each fall by Clarion Concerts in Columbia County, founded by the late musicologist and conductor, Newell Jenkins and his partner, Jack Hurley. It is the oldest classical music organization in the county, which is noted for its spectacular fall foliage. From its inception, the Leaf Peeper Series has added a colorful musical dimension to this autumn bounty by presenting world class chamber music concerts in various locations throughout the region.



                                          Sunday, November 8th at Kinderhook Reformed Church (3:00 p.m.)

Alexander’s Feast, or The Power of Musick  (c. 1751) 

Vocal and instrumental splendor combine in one of Handel’s most colorful oratorios.

Midwinter (TBD), 2016 at Jack Shainman Gallery: The School

King David (1921) 

Arthur Honegger’s very dramatic, but neglected masterpiece,

performed in a space ideally suited to its sonic wonders.   Sung in English.