June 2019   
This Week's Events


Small Group Bible Study
9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
Join us for a study of 1st Corinthians
Prayer Group
10:00 AM
Jr/Sr High Youth Group
6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
Students grade 6-12 are welcome to join us for food, fun, fellowship, Bible study & community service on Thursday nights from 6:30-8pm. Sign up for our weekly emails so you'll know what's planned each week!


Consistory retreat
8:00 AM to 12:00 PM
The KRC Consistory will gather together for a time of prayer, worship and learning.
Bible Search




“To Know Christ and to Make Him Known”


Welcome visitors!  Please fill out a pew card and place it in the offering plate.





  Announcements, The Lord’s Greeting, and Morning Prayer

*Morning Praise

  Scripture                                                                                                Psalm 66  (pp. 410-11)

  Message                                                              "Would I Choose a Safe or a Good God?"

  Prayer of Thanks

  Offering and Prayer of Blessing

  Intercessory Prayer

*Closing Hymn and Benediction                                                                                                    




  Following worship today, all are invited to enjoy fellowship and refreshments

downstairs in the Fellowship Hall.


Thanks to today’s ushers, Bob Dreier, Phil Hurst, Dick Silvano, Andrew Welcome

Thanks to today’s greeter, Greg Clause, Jr.          Preschool nursery available downstairs.



  Prelude                           “For Thou, O Lord, art high above all the earth –

                                                       Thou art exalted far above all gods”           

  Welcome, Announcements, and God's Greeting



Drawing Near to God

  Call to Worship  (Responsive)  Based on Psalm 33

Come, rejoice, all who love and serve the Lord! Sing songs and hymns of praise;

       We will celebrate together in God’s presence,

       for everything he does is worthy of our trust!

We come with awe before our God, for he spoke, and the world came into being.

       He breathed, and the heavens were born.

The plans of our Maker stand firm forever; his intentions are unshakeable.

       Surround us with your unfailing love, O God, for our hope is in you alone.

*Hymn of Praise #77                                                             Praise to the Lord, the Almighty

  Morning Prayer


Allowing God to Shape Us

Call to Confession

Even in the midst of our sorrows and guilt, our doubt and regrets, we have access to the mercy and forgiveness that come from God. Trusting God’s love for us, let confess our sin to him.


  Prayer of Confession  (Unison) Based on Psalm 8

God of all creation, who are we that you are mindful of us?  You who set the stars in motion, who launched the crashing waves, who knows the heights and depths of the world - why do you bother with us? You count the hairs on our heads, and call us each by name. You tend to us and care for us, yet we do not grasp your love, for it is unlike us to be loving and forgiving. We are obsessed with our own needs and fail to see beyond them. Free us, O God, to see as you see, and to reach out as you reach out. Remind us again of the value you place on us and on our lives. Through the work of Christ, forgive our sin against you.  By your Spirit, give us your wisdom, uphold us, and enable us to live truly as beings created in your image. Amen.

  Assurance of Pardon (Responsive)

Sisters and brothers in Christ, the mercies of God are from everlasting to everlasting.  Let us proclaim the Good News:

       In Jesus Christ we are forgiven. Thanks be to God!


Coming before God’s Open Word

  Children’s Sermon and Prayer of Blessing  (Unison)

Gracious Father, shower our children with blessings that exceed our dreams, and let your goodness flow abundantly into their lives.  Fill them with an irresistible desire to share your love and the gifts of your blessings with those who are in spiritual and physical need.  Amen.

  Scripture                                                                                                Psalm 66  (pp. 410-11)

  Message                                                              "Would I Choose a Safe or a Good God?"

  Prayer of Thanks

Celebrating God

  Offering/Offertory       Surely Goodness and Mercy Will Follow Me    #638

  Doxology #809                                                   Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow

 Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Praise him all creatures here below.

Praise him above ye heavenly host. Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

*Offertory Prayer (Unison)

Generous God, everything belongs to you, yet you graciously provide for our   smallest needs.  We are thankful that you have blessed us with enough to share. Help us to be faithful in our use of these resources. We rejoice in your goodness, and gratefully return a portion of your bounty for the work of the church.  Amen.

  Pastoral Prayer

*Hymn of Exaltation #20                                                          Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee

*Benediction, Blessing, and Response Hymn           My Friends May You Grow in Grace

  My friends, may you grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior.

My friends, may you grow in grace, and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

 To God be the glory, now and forever, now and forever, amen. (2x)



Volunteers needed to greet at the front door for our 10 am Worship Services! Please  sign up on the sheet provided at the back table to assist with this important ministry.



       This coming Thursday, October 13, at 7 p.m., a new Bible study group will begin meeting in KRC’s main-floor Conference Room. Led by Jean Hacker, the group will be examining the important doctrines of the Bible using the guide book, “A Study Book for Serious Students of Scripture.”  Chapters include:

              1.  The Church                                       6.  Prayer

              2.  The New Birth                                 7.  The Believer's Destiny in This Age of Grace

              3.  Justification and Adoption      8.  About Angels

              4.  Repentance                                      9.  The Doctrine of Christ

              5.  Sanctification                               10.  About Satan

                 11.  Your Occupation Should Be Praising God and Blessing Others.

This study is appropriate not only for helping Christians who are young in their faith to greater maturity, but for providing seasoned believers with review and reinforcement of fundamental Christian principles.  All are cordially invited to join.

       Beginning Sunday, October 16, at 9:45 following the Early Worship Service, a new Bible-based study, “I Am a Church Member – Discovering the Attitudes that Make the Difference,” will begin.  This study, also led by Jean Hacker, focuses on discovering - or rediscovering – the privileges, responsibilities, and Christian discipleship involved in being a church member.  This same study is being offered in the 9 am Thursday morning Small Group Bible Study.





This past Tuesday, Kinderhook Reformed Church hosted a very successful panel discussion highlighting the many agencies, services, self-help, and advocacy groups available in Columbia County addressing substance use and mental health issues. The discussion was attended by 70 - 80 community members, and panelists included representatives from Twin County Recovery Services, Inc, Columbia County Mental Health Center, Nar-Anon, Young People in Recovery, the Chatham Police Cares 4 U program, and Ichabod Crane School District. Attendees were introduced to a variety of ways to get involved in recognizing and fighting substance use and the opiate epidemic in particular, and participated in an enlightening and inspiring question-and-answer period. Patrice Lyons wishes to thank those who helped to organize and publicize this event.


       On Wednesday, October 19, 2016, at 6:30 pm, the Kinderhook Reformed Church will be hosting a Project Safe Point Narcan training.  Attendees will learn how to recognize an opiate overdose and what to do about it.  Narcan will be explained and FREE Narcan kits will be given out.

       On Sunday, November 6, at 4 pm, at the Kinderhook Reformed Church, there will be a Service of Lament for anyone who has lost someone to suicide or accidental overdose. This service is also for anyone currently dealing with mental health/substance use issues.  All are invited and welcome.



Stop Hunger Now packages and ships food and life-saving aid to the world’s most vulnerable people, and works to end global hunger in our lifetime.  Established in 1998, over 500,000 volunteers have been engaged to package meals, and over 225 million meals have been provided in 74 countries.  This year, 45 million meals will be packaged, and over $9 million in donated health supplies will be shipped.  A STOP HUNGER NOW FOOD-PACKAGING EVENT IS AN IMMENSELY REWARDING EXPERIENCE OF EASY, HANDS-ON WORK, FUN, AND FELLOWSHIP THAT YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS!  A group of 40 to 50 volunteers (any age) can package over 10,000 meals in just two hours.  Our local packaging event will take place beginning at 1 p.m. THIS COMING SATURDAY, OCTOBER 15, at the Kinderhook Town Hall (formerly Martin H. Glynn school) on Church Street in Valatie, during which we hope to pack 20 – 30 thousand meals.  Plan to lend a helping hand to this extraordinary ministry. Volunteer unloaders are needed at noon, and volunteer packers are needed from 1 – 3 pm.  A signup sheet is available on the back table to give us a general idea of the number participating from KRC.  Official registration can be done online, and a link to Stop Hunger Now for doing this can be found on our website, kinderhookreformedchurch.net.  Official registration can also be done at the Town Hall the day of the event.  Donations may be made online as well using the KRC website link, or directly through the church by check with “Stop Hunger” in the memo line.  A donation of 29¢ buys one meal, $29 one hundred meals, $290 one thousand meals.  Your co-workers might be willing to offer $29, or a business might be interested in making a $290 donation.




Praises and thanks to our Lord that the recent BROOKS BAR-B-CUE/dessert sale/community outreach, sponsored by Kinderhook Reformed Church Cemetery, more than met expectations.  $3561 was raised, all of which will go toward operation and maintenance of the cemetery grounds, an increasingly costly ministry to our community. The Cemetery Committee wishes to thank all those who helped in making this important event a great success again this year.  




Consistory and the KRC Family would like to praise God and thank Liz Carroll for her much-appreciated services as KRC Office Assistant over the past several years.  We offer our prayer support to Liz, and wish her the very best as she continues in her new position with Kinderhook Bank. In addition, we are very pleased to welcome Courtney Wood, who has been appointed as Liz’s replacement and is off to an excellent start in her new position. We are also happy to announce that Greg Clause Jr. has been appointed as KRC Sexton, and is likewise doing a fine job with his new duties.  Please keep all of the KRC staff members in your prayers as they carry out to their various ministries.



Bonnie Dunham (6th), Susan Patterson (14th), Jean Wildermuth (15th), Aiden Visagie (18th), Will Patterson (21st), Amy Clinton (22nd), Rudy Visser (27th), Barbara Vosburgh (28th), Derick LaTorre (29th)


       KRC has traditionally been well-represented at this inspiring event, where you will hear how your volunteer efforts, prayers, and generous support make a difference in the lives of people who are hungry, street-weary, and hopeless.

       CCRM Banquet tickets may also be purchased through the church. Choose the evening you would like to attend, and see or call Paul Clause TODAY, 859-4158. Your reservation and ticket payment will be made for you, and you can reimburse KRC $25 per ticket reserved by dropping your designated check made out to KRC into the offering plate at any time. TICKETS WILL BE DELIVERED TO YOU BY NEXT SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16.  CCRM banquet organizers will arrange for those attending from KRC to be seated together at 1 or 2 tables, depending on the number of reservations we make.  Reservations may also be made by calling Susan Jones, 462-0421.  Let Sue know if you wish to sit with the KRC group.



Many KRC family and friends have, in the past, provided cut flowers for the pulpit in celebration of an anniversary or birthday, in honor of a special day or event, and in loving memory of family and friends who have passed away. During the summer months, those of you who are gardeners are invited to arrange and display your own garden flowers on a Sunday of your choice.  If you are interested in providing flowers for a particular Sunday, contact Dawn, 758-7564.



The Reformed Dutch Church of Schodack at Muitzeskill will be holding its annual turkey dinner Saturday, October 22.  The church is located at the intersection of Schodack Landing Road & Muitzeskill Road in Schodack Landing. The dinner is served family style, and the menu will include turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans, squash, cranberry sauce, rolls, and a variety of pies for dessert.  Sittings are at 4:30, 5:30, & 6:30 pm. Take-out is also available at 4 pm & 5 pm (no early arrivals, please).  Adults: $12.00, children 6 - 12: $6.00, under 6: free.  For reservations (required) call 732-7345. If no answer, leave a message with your name and phone number, and say you are calling regarding the church dinner. Your call will be returned the same day to confirm your reservation.  If your call is not returned, please call again.



All are welcome to attend a Bible study concerning four passages of scripture that may be applied to the inclusion of LGBT people in our church communities.  The Bible study will take place on four Tuesday evenings from 7-8:30 in the library of the Reformed Dutch Church of Claverack.  It will be led by Dr. Nancy Hoag, psychologist, and Rev. Linda Miles, pastor of the Reformed Dutch Church of Claverack.  Listed below are the dates and the passages we will be discussing: 

October 25 - John 9   The Man Born Blind 

November 1- Matthew 19:1-12   Divorce, Unchastity, Eunuchs 

November 22 -  1 Corinthians 6   The Body as a Temple 

December 6 - Romans 14:1-15:7   Prohibition on Judging 

We look forward to your presence as we study the Word of God together.  For more information, please contact the church office at 518-851-3811 or Pastor Linda at 845-430-3348. 



Gary L. De Witt, Stated Clerk

Classis of Columbia-Greene 



Praise the Lord! Our weekly offering this past Sunday was $3,686 – well over our weekly need of $3,000.  Many thanks to those who have recently made substantial gifts toward bringing our income more closely into line with expenses, and to our regular contributors who “doubled up” on their giving to cover the Sundays they missed. Stewardship Ministry continues to urge everyone to give prayerful consideration to how they might adjust their giving to help keep income at a level that will meet daily operating expenses.   

Inspired by the abundance with which the Lord has blessed us,

 let us continue, as his faithful stewards, to be ever mindful of the need

 to maintain a weekly offering sufficient to cover our commitments.



January 22, 1945 – April 17, 2016

“Well gone, good and faithful servant! . . .”

Matthew 25:15

      The Angel Tree Program, founded by ex-convict, Mary Kay Beard, has been part of Prison Fellowship's work for 35 years.  This ministry has delivered over 10 million gifts to children of imprisoned parents, and brought the Gospel and love of Christ, as well as reconciliation, to countless homes during the Christmas season.

       Mary Kay was a safe-cracker, a bank robber, and one of America’s Most Wanted.  Arrested in June, 1972, she quickly collected 11 federal indictments and 35 charges against her. But her 180-year sentence turned into a six-year sentence, during which time she asked God to change her hardened heart.  And that's exactly what happened. Through her experience in prison, Mary Kay gained a deep appreciation for the estrangement and brokenness prisoners suffer from being separated from their families.  When a parent is sentenced to prison, he or she is not the only one being

punished. The children suffer too, and it

is especially tough for them at Christmas time.  Mary Kay also saw how a simple act of giving and receiving a gift can renew hope and bring change to the lives of those on both sides of the bars. That's why she founded Angel Tree, and why she considered it perhaps the greatest way God used her after he first changed her heart in prison. Mary once said, "I am both awed and humbled to have been a part of something so enormously effective.  Being there at the beginning, I consider it one of the highest privileges of my life." For Mary, Angel Tree was an awe-inspiring testimony to prisoners and their families of the Gospel: "The very first Christmas gift," she reminds us, "was a child.” 

       Although Mary Kay is now in the presence of her Savior, we continue her legacy of loving prisoners’ children and bringing a little Christmas joy into their lives.  For those desperate for forgiveness and those desperate for a parent's love, the simple opportunity to give or receive a gift at Christmas not only breaks down the barriers which isolate family members in prison from those outside, but makes the story of a God, who loves us no matter what, come powerfully to life.

      Gift needs for Angel Tree’s children of prisoners will be displayed on angel cut-outs on a Christmas tree in KRC’s main entrance in November.  Each angel will contain very specific age, size, and gift-request information for a particular child to assist donors as they gift-shop.  Please consider taking an angel when the tree goes up. 




those who do not know Christ or who are struggling in their faith journey. Pray also that God will provide opportunities for us to witness for Jesus, and give us the courage and winsome words needed to make the most of these opportunities.

Rev. Paige Convis, KRC’s associate pastor, as she fulfills her ministerial duties as full-time pastor to the Muitzeskill and Stuyvesant Reformed Churches.

KRC ministries, programs & projects and those planning & administering them: KRC’s Consistory; KRC’s administrative ministries; Adult and Children’s Sunday School; KRC’s Youth Group; KRC’s small group ministries; Bible studies; Community Prayer Group; 1st Friday, and other outreach programs. Pray especially for the Stop Hunger Now campaign and upcoming October meal-packing event.

our state, national, and world leaders, that God will grant them the leadership skills, wisdom, and the personal protection needed to govern effectively and safely. Pray especially that God’s hand will direct our nation’s upcoming Presidential and other government elections.

our military men & women, their families, and friends, that they may know God’s presence, protection, and peace, especially Jason Lansing, being deployed to service in South Korea.

victims world-wide suffering natural and other hardships and tragedies: famine, earthquakes, and other climate-related disasters; economic instability; poverty, hunger, and poor health; political oppression, unrest, terrorism, war, displacement.

those grieving the death of loved ones, especially Craig Wood, family, and friends grieving the sudden loss of Craig’s wife; Jayne Ferguson, her mom, her siblings, and other family members and friends grieving the sudden loss this past Wednesday morning of Jayne’s father, Dave Peterson.

those who, even after many years, still hurt from the void left by loved ones who have passed on from this world. 

reassurance, peace, and dignity for loved ones nearing the close of this life.     

those caring for the elderly, displaced, disabled, or ill, especially Nancy Stewart.

Merrill Johnson, that injections he is receiving for pain relief will be effective and allow him to walk more comfortably.

those awaiting test results or surgery; recovering from surgery, injury, or illness; or chronically ill: Chrissy Blackwood; Alexandria Noxon; Eddie; Loran Speer; Patti Varga’s Uncle Martin; Jay Rippel; Fred Borelli; Mark; Virginia Rothermel; Vicki Smith; Maggie; Art Gross; Angie Rivera; Susan Clause; Stacey Baker; Harriet Stockhoff; Ruth Edge; Merrill Johnson; Jean Skipper; Floyd Haber; Alan Dick; Paul Varga; Liz Carroll; Laurie Maul.

Donna Scalera, hospitalized and struggling to get through another difficult chemotherapy regimen.

Wisdom for the Lamont Family as they move into a new residence.

others battling or recovering from cancer or in hospice care: Mark; Jay, Co-worker of Deborah Spaulding; Angie, friend of Sara Hartman; 6-month-old grandson of Rick; Ann; Jill; Steve; Dorothy Wheeler.

those facing challenges, stressful circumstances, and difficult decisions: Cydney Rippel, Carly Rippel, Greg Clause Jr., and others as they face the challenges of a higher level of education or seek a career; the Lamont Family; Vince Beaudoin; the alarming wave of new, young heroin addicts.

residence-bound KRC family, Murray Leonardson; Joan Van Alstyne; George Clowe.



Pastor Rudy Visser, our Spirit-filled minister and leader of vision, and for the Christ-centered messages God gives to Pastor each and every Sunday for the spiritual nourishment and growth of our church family.

the inspirational ministries of our guest preachers, Perry Jones, Tom McCrossan, John Bowen, and others who lead worship at KRC from time to time.

those men and women who have served or are now serving our country, and those who have sacrificed their well-being and lives for the peace & liberties we enjoy.

the good news that Aaron and Susan Clause have their own transportation after several months of doing without following their car accident.

Dave Ennis’s good recovery from a partial knee replacement, and his presence in worship with us again.

the good report that Virginia Rothermel is doing well. Ginny thanks the congregation for the cards and messages of encouragement she received, and she hopes to be back in church soon!

His provision for all of our basic life needs, and the wonderful ways God shows His love to us, especially during difficult times.

the many dedicated and hard-working friends and members of the Kinderhook Reformed Church Family who serve on Consistory, ministries, and committees; teach Sunday School; lead Youth Group, Bible studies, and prayer group; organize special events; prepare food, serve, and clean up for coffee hours, receptions, and dinners; and who always offer whatever support they can to those in need.




Dave and Char Alexander, RCA missionaries, Taiwan;

Alight Pregnancy Center, Hudson

Perry Jones and Capital City Rescue Mission, Albany

Compassion International, KRC-Sponsored Children:

Evelin Chuquinia, 15, Bolivia              Giulbert Muguna, 18, Kenya

Alex and Fran Knauss, Trans-World Radio

Maureen Menard, Youth with a Mission

Dick and Carolyn Otterness, RCA missionaries, Hungary

Brian and Bea Post, Wycliffe Bible Translators

Seth and Melissa Rogati, missionaries, Young Life Ministry, St. Thomas

Betty Ann Stedwell, Christar International Mission


Regular updates are needed on the progress or condition of all individuals on our prayer and praise lists.  Please forward this information, as well as new requests, to krc@fairpoint.net or call 859-4158.




There are a number of items from the church kitchen on a table along the north wall of the Fellowship Room. We believe that many of them have been left behind by people who made donations of food for church functions.  Please look them over and take back home anything that belongs to you. After a few weeks, those items that have not been claimed will be disposed of in a sale or given to charity.




Email Address – krc@fairpoint.net

Website Address – kinderhookreformedchurch.com

Rev. Rudy is available at his church office

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings.

Please call ahead for an appointment.

Evenings are set aside for meetings, visitations, and counseling.

For immediate assistance at any time, call 859-4158.

Church Phone   758-6401                Church Fax   758-6402



                                     KRC 2016 CONSISTORY

                     Pastor Rev. Rudy Visser, President of Consistory


Liz Carroll – ’16  Outreach, CITV Committee, Clerk  

Derick LaTorre – ’16  Cemetery, Stewardship, Treasurer  

Tana Thompson – ’17  Church Family

Chip Wood – ’17  Property   


Merrill Johnson – ’16  Worship

Patrice Lyons – ’16  Outreach, Clerk

Patti Varga – ’17  Christian Education, Vice President of Consistory

Barbara Vosburgh – ’17 Personnel and Pastoral Relations


                                                    KRC STAFF

                 KRC Office Manager              KRC Office Assistant          

              Paul Clause – 859-4158     Courtney Wood – 784-2134                                

                          KRC Sexton                 KRC Cemetery Supervisor        

            Greg Clause Jr – 653-2786      Greg Clause – 369-8472 



Today, October 9   

       8:30 am  Early Worship Service

     10:00 am  Worship Service and Children’s Sunday School

     11:15 am  Adult Sunday School - main floor Conference Room          

                  The class continues its study of the Book of Jude.

Tues,  October 11

       7:00 pm  Youth Group meets

Thur, October 13

       9:45  New Bible-based study begins

           “I Am a Church Member – Discovering the Attitudes that Make the Difference”

    10:00 am  Community Prayer Group @KRC

       7:00 pm New Bible study group meets, @KRC main floor Conference Room

                                   A Study Book for Serious Students of Scripture.”

Sat.,   October 15

      1:00 pm  Stop Hunger Now food-packaging event, Kinderhook Town Hall,       

                  Church Street, Valatie (Formerly Martin H. Glynn School)

Sun,   October 16 -  Rev. Tom McCrossan, Guest Preacher

       8:30 am  Early Worship Service

       9:45 am  New Bible-based study begins

           “I Am a Church Member – Discovering the Attitudes that Make the Difference”

     10:00 am  Worship Service and Children’s Sunday School

     11:15 am  Adult Sunday School - main floor Conference Room          

                  The class continues its study of the Book of Jude.

Tues,  October 18

      6:30 pm  Fall Regular Session of Columbia-Green Classis meets at KRC

                  Please Note:  Youth Group will not meet October 18.

Tues, Wed., October 18, 19

         5:30 pm  Capital City Rescue Mission Silent Auction

         6:30 pm  CCRM Banquet

Wed., October 19

         6:30 pm   Project Safe Point Narcan training @KRC  

         Learn how to recognize an opiate overdose and what to do about it

Sat.,    October 22  Reformed Church @Muitzeskill Annual Turkey Dinner

Tues,  October 25

      7:00 pm  Inclusion Bible Study Conversation,” Claverack Reformed Church

Sun,   November 6

       4:00 pm  Service of Lament @KRC,

    All who have lost someone to suicide or accidental overdose are invited.


Servers Next Sunday, October 16, 2016

       Ushers:  Ted Call, Jerry Flansburg, Glenn Warren, Chip wood