Church Covid Policies

Greetings Kinderhook Reformed Church Family and Friends

Following NYS adoption of the CDC’s recommendations, the Consistory of the Kinderhook Reformed Church is happy to announce the relaxing of some of its rules as well, and we would like you to know the following as you prepare to come to church tomorrow, May 23, 2021. 

  • Everyone is welcome to worship!
  • While it is your prerogative to wear or not wear your mask at all times within the church building, the following arrangements will apply for the foreseeable future:
  • Pew seating:
    • We would like to impress upon the church body the importance of continuing to observe social distancing at all times.  To facilitate this, both the left and right blocks of pews will be our designated "Socially Distanced" section. These pews will remain taped off, as they have been, and will now be reserved only for people wishing to wear their masks during worship. 
    • The middle block of pews will be available for those wishing to worship without a mask. Every second pew of this section will be roped/taped off.
    • The consistory will be present to welcome you into the building and make sure you are able to find a seat that suits your needs and preferences.
  • We would ask that each of you, as members of the church body, be sensitive to and respectful of those who are making masking or seating choices that are different from yours.  Let us remember that we are all one body, have received the same baptism, and worship the same God. 
  • We would ask that you keep in your thoughts and prayers those who are suffering or have been suffering directly from COVID-19 or from the overall negative impact of the pandemic! 

 May we, with love, joy, and steadfastness, embrace this time in our lives and steer clear of anxiety and cynicism. The Lord God, whom we profess to be our Shepherd and Keeper, bless each one of us. 
Your Consistory  

Life Groups

Ever wanted to belong to a group that would help you along the way of being a Christian? If you answer is yes then this is for you...!! Call the church at 518-758-6401 or email for more information.


The church does not have a parking lot, but there is plenty of on street parking available on both Route 9 and Broad street.  Limited parking is available most evenings and weekends, including Sunday mornings, across the street in the phone company parking lot as well.




The church has a ramp outside and an elevator inside that allow everyone full access to both floors including the sanctuary, fellowship room, classrooms, restrooms, library, kitchen and offices.