September 12, 2010

Kinderhook Reformed Church Worship Service
September 12, 2010, 9:30 A.M.
Route 9 and Church Street, Kinderhook, NY
“To Know Christ and to Make Him Known”

Rev. Rudy Visser, Pastor

You are invited to sign our Guest Book at the church entrance and to fill out a pew card and place it in the offering plate. We would like to get to know you better, and invite you to enjoy refreshments and fellowship with us downstairs in the Fellowship Room immediately following Worship.

A Prayer Partner can be available to pray with you if you so desire.

Ushers: Alan Dick, Eric Herrmann, Merrill Johnson, Lere Visagie

Greeter(s): Members of KRC’s Youth and Sunday School
Preschool Nursery is available downstairs, Nikki Barmen supervising.


Order of Worship

God’s Children’s Approach

CALL TO WORSHIP (Responsive)
God is calling to you today.
God is calling us today.
Why is God calling us?
To be the church, a people united by God in faith.
For what purpose would God do such a thing?
Because God has given each member a gift to share,
so that if we all come together and lean on one another,
then we can become all that God has called us to be.
*HYMN #701 God Is Here!
All who have sinned fall short of the glory of God. Trusting that we are justified freely by God’s grace, let us confess our sins together.
Merciful God, you speak to us, yet your voice is drowned out by the busyness, the worries and fears, the addictions, and the deafening self-absorption of our lives. Forgive us, Lord, when we fail to be quiet so that our souls may find rest in you; when we run from solitude in our misguided attempts to avoid loneliness; when we respond to our dry and thirsty spirits with more entertainment or another diversion which can never satisfy. Guide us now in our personal confession of our sin!
[Silent Prayer of Confession]
Hold us in your grace, tender God.
Help us to move beyond ourselves
so that we may live and serve as did Jesus. Amen.
God, give us new opportunities each day to start fresh and new. Through God’s Spirit and forgiveness we find ourselves today on the threshold of a new dawn. To those who have confessed their sin with sorrow and a repentant heart, He promises forgiveness and eternal life! Alleluia! Amen.
*PRAISE SONGS - Vacation Bible School Singers

Provide our children with a unified, prayerful, Bible-teaching church family that will draw them into community, give them a hunger for your Word, and involve them in your work; bless them with spiritual leaders who are trustworthy and humble. Amen.

Sunday School students are now invited to join their teachers.

God’s Opened Word
MESSAGE “The Relentless Pursuit of My God”
God’s Children Celebrating Him
OFFERTORY SOLO, Deborah Spaulding Peace in the Valley
Lord God, thank you for the privilege of serving you with our resources as well as with our very lives. Use us and these, our gifts, to bring about peace and justice, healing and hope, unity and community. In the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

*HYMN (Insert) I Will Sing the Wondrous Story
*BENEDICTION RESPONSE By the Gift of God’s Grace
By the gift of God’s grace may your burdens be light
and your heart with his love be aglow.
May your spirit be glad, may your soul be at rest,
and may Christ grant you peace as you go. Amen.

Today Sunday is Communion Sunday, which has been designated for the presentation of gifts, over and above regular giving, to the Benevolent Fund. Please support this important ministry which provides assistance to needy church family & community members.


Tom Little joined Kinderhook Reformed Church in 1963 at age 14, and remained a member until 1985. On Sunday, October 10, our church family will be memorializing Tom’s 33-year labor of love for his Lord and for the people of Afghanistan, and his recent martyrdom. A plaque in honor of his unswerving devotion and sacrifice will be installed near the plaque and display case memorializing Cornelius Van Alen Van Dyck, whose life and work as a physician/Bible translator/missionary from Kinderhook Reformed Church to the Middle East greatly inspired Tom as a young man. Donations will be gratefully accepted to help cover the expense (around $500) of honoring Tom in this way. Check memo lines or envelopes containing cash should be clearly designated “Tom Little Plaque”.

The ICC Board of Education had a moment of silence at their board meeting
on Tuesday night in memory of Tom Little.

Kinderhook Village-Wide Yard Sale – 9 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 18~

KRC will participate in the day’s event with the following:
9 A.M.
TAG SALE TABLES – Staffed by Patrice Lyons and Elize Visser. Helpers
are needed on Thursday, Sept. 16, to organize sale items.

You may set up your own table and donate 10% of your sales to KRC –
You bring in, organize, and take out all of your own sale items!
BAKE SALE TABLE (near Hot Dog Stand) - We are in desperate need of a
coordinator for this sale. Please contact Florence Rivera.
11 A.M. - HOTDOG STAND - Staffed by Gary Leggett and Ginny Rothermel.
Donations of hotdogs, rolls, “fixin’s”, & paperware items gladly accepted!

Join this women’s global conversation focused on
how to reach those in the 21st Century who need Jesus Christ!
The Countdown Begins - Impact '10 ~ Stir opens October 2nd!

God is stirring His people. Acts 17:28 tells us that "in Him we live and move and have our being." The questions are, “How are we responding? How are you responding? What about your local church? The Body of Christ?”

On October 2, 2010, Stonecroft Ministries will address these questions and more during Impact '10 ~ Stir, an extraordinary FREE online women’s gathering of global proportions. Regardless of your time zone, this 4-hour web streaming evangelism event - broadcast LIVE from Kansas City, Missouri – will be available just about anywhere on the planet—from Nigeria to Niagara Falls.

Kinderhook Reformed Church is one of hundreds of global host sites. Watch for more information in upcoming bulletins, and plan to join us. Together we will discover how God is moving, stirring, and how you can become involved in making Christ known in our communities.


Kinderhook Reformed Church is pleased to announce it will be hosting Dave Ramsey's live simulcast "EntreLeadership" seminar on Friday, November 5th, 2010, 9:00 am to 3:30 pm. Learn how Dave Ramsey trains his team for success to implement in your life, business, leadership role, or ministry. The event cost is $40.00 per person, which includes a workbook. Lunch will be provided for an additional $5.00 per person. Registration deadline is Friday, October 1, 2010. For registration, please contact KRC at (518)758-6401. For more information, please contact Lori Kolb-Speer.


Writing materials are available on the back table for use by children during the Worship service. Please see that your children use these rather than the pew cards for their writing needs. Many of the printed visitors’ cards, which are expensive to replace, are being written on, bent, or torn, and your help in preventing this misuse is appreciated.



Libby Little is now Grandma Little! Baby Vivian Elise Stevens was born Thursday, September 2, to proud parents, Kate (Little) and Chris Stevens. “She is a beautiful, healthy and content little girl,” says Grandma Little. “Holding her in our arms, at such a time, feels like the tender, loving, mercy of God on our family.”

Please see the photo of Vivian Elise & Kate, the last photo of Tom,
and read Libby’s recent email near the photos on the back table.



Interserve has established the Tom Little Memorial Fund to assist those specifically called to serve in Afghanistan - 8 adults are ready to go and are looking for prayer and financial support. If you would like to contribute, please make checks payable to Kinderhook Reformed Church clearly marked “Tom Little Fund”. Your gift will be included in your personal KRC contribution record, and will be forwarded to Interserve. Interserve is also accepting donations on behalf of Libby Little to assist her in meeting the unexpected personal expenses incurred in the aftermath of Tom’s sudden death. Gifts to Libby may be made by check payable to Kinderhook Reformed Church clearly marked “Libby Little,” and will be forwarded to Interserve. Personal gifts to Libby will appear in your KRC contribution record, but are NOT tax-deductible.

Remember To Thank & Praise God for
• All who serve KRC Ministries by meeting regularly, setting goals, preparing recommendations, & working together to complete Ministry projects & responsibilities
• His blessing of a wonderful, caring, Spirit-filled pastor of vision such as Pastor Rudy, and for steady healing and improvement in Pastor’s broken elbow
• Succesful surgery for Allen VanAlstyne
• Ann Van Buren’s return home from the hospital and having broken no bones in her recent fall
• The family fun and refreshments enjoyed by all who came to Church Family Night this past Friday, and for all who helped to make this a special occasion
• The fellowship, food, and good time had by the 40 or more who attended KRC’s annual church picnic recently; and many thanks to hosts, Dawn and Ted Tuttle, to grille-cook, Liz Carroll, and to the many others who provided food and helping hands
• The success of the VBS program, and for the hard work and dedication of all those who planned and helped administer this valuable outreach; average daily attendance was around 50
• Successful rehab placement for Diane Morgan’s mom, and for the progress her mom has made in being able to walk again
• The wonderful ways God shows his love to us, especially during difficult times

Praise God for the Valatie Ecumenical Food Pantry’s ongoing service to our community, and for both Dolly Petith and Maureen Mooney, who represent KRC so faithfully in this ministry. During the month of July, the Pantry served 69 families, including 147 adults and 97 children.



Regular reports are needed on the progress or condition of all individuals on our prayer and praise lists. If you have updated information, especially regarding individuals whose names appear in bold print, please call the church office.


Remember to Pray for
• Those whose families and friends are praying for their salvation or other spiritual needs
• KRC’s Consistory members and administrative ministries
• New KRC programs & projects and those implementing and administering them: upcoming STIR and EntreLeadership webcasts; Natural Church Development; Angel Food; church restoration; KRC organ/choral concert
• KRC’s Sunday School staff, and youth leaders as they plan & administer programs this summer and for the fall season
• Our state and national leaders, that God will grant them the leadership skills, wisdom, and personal safety needed to govern effectively
• Our missionaries; children sponsored through Compassion or other agencies
• Those, especially children, suffering abuses of war, exploitation, neglect, family violence, natural disaster
• Families and friends grieving the loss of loved ones, especially the families of Jane Deane’s brother, Allen Smith, and his wife, at the recent death of Allen’s mother-in-law, Frances Kaiser; Libby Little, family, and friends grieving Tom’s death
• Allen Van Alstyne’s speedy and complete recovery from recent surgery, and for wife, Joan, as she assists in meeting Al’s needs at this time
• Those dealing with cancer: Joe, now in hospice care; Marlys Haughie; Kara Ennis Mobley; Lillian Roginski; Dawn Meyers; Melanie; Ed B.; Rylyn Swierzewski
• Others awaiting test results or surgery; recovering from surgery, injury, or illness; chronically ill, or in hospice care: Spencer Moore; Brad Warren; Elfie; Vicki Dick; Ann Van Buren; Pastor Rudy; Russell, nephew of Ruth Edge; Blanche Rogers; Tom Saulpaugh; Bella Tarbox; the Afghans recently treated by Tom Little and his medical team; Holly; Emese; Libby Little; Merrill & Erika Johnson; Priscilla Frisbee; George Clowe; Beth Ryan; Kathy Schneider’s father in Barnwell; Paul Varga
• Those caring for the elderly, displaced, disabled, or ill
• Those facing challenges, conflicts, difficult decisions: challenges facing Earl Ennis now in nursing-home care, Diane Morgan, Jean Skipper, Nicole, the Riveras, the Vargas; caregivers of children with health or developmental issues; those facing employment/economic troubles, especially Cliff; those struggling with substance abuse, especially Greg L., Martin, & Andy; those suffering low self-esteem, discouragement, depression, despair, other emotional/mental health issues; young people returning to school, looking for jobs, dealing with the many temptations confronting young adults
• Those who are traveling, especially the Schuberts, on a road trip to and from Oregon
• Our residence-bound members: Murray Leonardson, Mike Rivera
• God’s blessing on those recently engaged/married, expecting babies, new/first-time parents: Gary and Sarah (Hubel) March, Andrew & Melissa (Call) Welcome, recently married; new parents Kate (Little) and Chris Stevens (Baby Vivian Elise), Nate & Kristin Meldrim (Baby Lily), Terry (Baby David Matthew), Tim Schneider & Morgan (baby boy, born in January), Tiffany
• Our Military men and women – especially Carrington Hessell, Spencer Moore, and Jay Rippel - that they may know God’s presence and protection; for those who would like to write or send a care package to Jay, his address is: 1SG Jay Rippel, Salerno Hospital, FOB Salerno, APO AE 09314. Care package info is available on the back table.
• Families and friends of our military troops - that they may be blessed with God’s peace and reassurance, especially Carrington’s mother, Gloria, and family; the Moores; and Jay’s wife, Beth Anne, & their two daughters; victims of warfare & violence worldwide
• The power of the peace & love of Christ to subdue everywhere the spirits of hatred, hostility, unforgiveness, cruelty, vengeance, and warfare
• Those men and women who have served or are now serving our country, & those who have sacrificed their well-being and lives for the peace & liberties we enjoy.


KRC’s Community Prayer Group invites you to join us at 9 a.m. Tuesday mornings in the conference room kitty-corner from the church office. If you prefer not to pray aloud, we are delighted to have you join in prayer with us silently. We have a scripture, and pray for the pastor, consistory, our ministries, Sunday School, our youth, and illness and troubles in our families, church, and the world. We use unspoken requests to unload the cries of our hearts on the One who can do all things and do them well.

Please mark Saturday, November 6, on your calendar and plan to attend the organ & choral concert to be presented here in our sanctuary at 4:30 p.m. Watch for more information to come in future bulletins!



A SINCERE THANK-YOU TO THOSE WHO HAVE ALREADY OFFERED THEIR INDIVIDUAL SHARE OF THIS SUPPORT. If you have not yet supported this effort, and are able to do so over and above your regular giving, you may place your share ($75 per active member) in the offering plate, clearly designated for this purpose, or you may give it in as many increments as you wish over the remaining weeks or months of this year.

Email Address –
Website Address –
Rev. Rudy is scheduled to be in his church office
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings.
If you wish to meet with Pastor during these times,
please call ahead for an appointment.
Evenings have been set aside for meetings, pastoral visitations, and counseling.

For assistance on Mondays, please call 758-9703 or 859-4158
Church Phone 758-6401 Church Fax 758-6402
Phone messages are picked up several times daily.
If you need immediate assistance anytime, please call 859-4158.



Pastor Rev. Rudy Visser, President of Consistory, Classis Delegate
Jane Deane, Missions, Assistant Treasurer – ’10 758-7051
Patrice Lyons, Stewardship, Pastoral Relations – ’10 758-8400
Loren Speer, Property – ’11 784-2901
Dawn Tuttle, Church Family, Clerk of Consistory – ’11 758-6031
Arnie March, Personnel, Pastoral Relations – ’10 758-6066
Ann VanBuren, Vice President of Consistory, Cemetery, Worship,
Classis Delegate – ’11 758-9703
Dawn VanBuren, Evangelism – ’11 758-7564
Patti Varga, Christian Education – ‘10 758-1266

KRC Treasurer KRC Secretary
Barbara Vosburgh – 758-6512 Paul Clause – 859-4158
Cemetery Supervisor/KRC Sexton
Greg Clause – 369-8472, 758-1338



Coming Events
Today,September 12 - 10:00 am Communion Worship and
Opening Day of Sunday School
Tue., September 14 – Deadline for September Angel Food Orders
9:00 am Community Prayer Group meets @KRC
7:00 - 8:30 pm Area youth leaders meet
Mon, September 13 - 6:30 pm Consistory meets

Sat., September 18 – 9:00 am Village-Wide Yard Sale
9:00 am KRC tag and bake sales
10:00 am KRC guided tours
11:00 am KRC hot dog stand
11:00 am - 12 Noon, Angel Food Distribution, KRC Fellowship Room
Tue., September 21 and 28
9:00 am Community Prayer Group meets @KRC
7:00 - 8:30 pm KRC Youth Group meets
Fri., September 24 – 9:30 am Church Family Ministry meets
Sat., October 2
10:00 am KRC guided tours
12:30 – 5:00 pm STIR - Stonecroft Ministries’ global webstream
evangelism event for women, KRC Sanctuary
Sat., October 9
10:00 am Last day for KRC guided tours
1:00 pm Tom Little memorial service,
Loudonville Community Church
Fri., November 5 - 9 am – 3:30 pm Dave Ramsey’s
live simulcast “EntreLeadership” seminar, KRC Sanctuary
Sat., November 6 - 4:30 pm Organ/choral concert, KRC Sanctuary
Watch for details in upcoming bulletins.





Servers Next Sunday, September 19, 2010
Ushers: Alan Dick, Eric Herrmann, Merrill Johnson, Lere Visagie
Greeter(s): Barbara Vosburgh

  June 2020  
This Week's Events


Sunday Morning Prayer Group
8:45 AM to 9:15 AM
Join us for Prayer before the Church service each Sunday from the comfort of your home during the pandemic
Sunday Worship service & Youth Sunday School
9:30 AM to 10:30 AM
During the NY pause please join us for Sunday worship service via the KRC you tube channel. Link to each weekly worship service can be found here on our website welcome page!

Join us for a blended worship service that combines contemporary and traditional music with a liturgical format. Each week is a little different. Nursery is available for preschoolers is you'd like to utilize it. Youth ages 3-grade 5 may attend Sunday school at 9:45-10:30. Join us downstairs for coffee immediately following the service.
Adult Bible Study
10:45 AM
During the pandemic join us via zoom at 11am for a time of coffee hour/ checking in and this week's sermon discussion with Pastor Rudy. He will join in as long as the internet in South Africa holds up! Contact the church for zoom log in information.


Consistory Meeting
6:30 PM
held via zoom during the pandemic


Wednesday Morning Bible Study
9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
On pause during the pandemic

Who is Jesus. This study meets at the home of Joan Clause. Please contact Joan or the church for directions or more information.
Small Group Bible Study - Job
7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Study occurring online via zoom during the pandemic - contact the church for log in information. 518-758-6401


Small Group Bible Study
9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
Study occurring online via zoom during pandemic - contact the church for log in information 518-758-6401
Worship Committee Meeting
10:00 AM
Meeting on pause during pandemic
Prayer Group
10:00 AM
Meeting occurring online via zoom during pandemic - please contact church for log in information 518-758-6401
Jr/Sr High Youth Group
6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
Currently on pause during the pandemic

Students grade 6-12 are welcome to join us for food, fun, fellowship, Bible study & community service on Thursday nights from 6:30-8pm. Sign up for our weekly emails so you'll know what's planned each week!
Sewing Group
6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
During the pandemic we are continuing to sew from home - mission trip has been postponed to 2021

Love to sew/quilt & looking for a new way to help out? KRC has a large stash of fabric and are looking to make individual quilts to give to each of the homeowners that will be helped during the 2020 REACH mission trip here in Columbia county. We also have other sewing projects planned. We try to meet every week, but please check with the church for more details as our projects and plans for each Thursday vary.

Mats, cutters, irons, ironing boards & sewing machines are available for use at the church or bring your own!
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